Global update on Steam and My.Games platforms!


We are happy to inform you that the global update on Steam and My.Games platforms is already available for download!

Please note a few important points:

- Players will be launched into servers by 200 people. The limit will increase every 20-30 minutes to avoid overloading the servers.

- Skill reset will be free once every 24 hours until 15.10.22 so that players can adapt to the new character development system.

- All characters will be transferred to the railway station in Lyubech.

- The karma of all characters will be reset to zero to avoid problems when leaving the location.

- Items that are planned to be removed from the game will not be removed immediately with the release of the update. They will also remain in the warehouse / in the player's inventory, and will be gradually removed from the game.

We recommend selling them to merchants.

And, of course, a patch note!

You can check it out at the link:

Thank you for staying with us!


SO team.