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Stalker Online is a MMORPG with shooter elements, based on spirit of “stalking” - an urban exploration, searching and exploring mysterious, abandoned and forgotten by humanity pieces of our planet.

Discover a world full of dangers and incredible events, which has its own laws and principles.
Become one of the “Stalkers” - people living the romance of the unknown, able to overcome any trials in search of artifacts on the territory of the Alienation Zone.
Take a look beyond the edge of the unknown, where the secrets of nature and deadly dangers await the daredevils at every turn.
Survive in harsh conditions, when you count every sip of water and every match.
Secret laboratories, life forms of unknown origin, mysterious anomalies, and strange artifacts that challenge our knowledge of the laws of nature - all this is a huge world of Stalker Online


Stalker Online — is a multiplayer survival game with RPG elements. It is an open world, realistic graphics and a deep atmosphere of "Exclusion Zone" where the unsolved mysteries of nature and the deadly danger waiting for the brave at every step. Secret laboratories, life form of unknown origin, mysterious anomalies and strange artifacts, casting doubt on our knowledge of the laws of nature — all this you will find in the game.

Become one of the stalkers, people living the romance of the unknown, can overcome any trial in search of artifacts full of mysteries and dangers of the Zone!

The twentieth century — the most violent century in human history. Never before on this planet happened so many wars and disasters in such a short period of time. Never before progress was developed so rapidly. And this progress has led to many tragedies. One of them was an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

This zone appeared at the area of the catastrophe as a wound on the planet's body, which was rushed to the fence to enclose and isolate. For many years, what is happening outside the perimeter has disappeared from sight the layman. Only a few knew that in the Zone, strange events occur that could revolutionize our understanding of the laws of the universe. Physics and mysticism? Secret government experiments under the guise of "concern for the safety of citizens in the territory of the Exclusion Zone" or awakened ancient power of unknown nature?

Core i5
8 GB
nvidia-ico ati-ico

Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5-7600K /AMD Ryzen 5 1400

Memory (RAM): 8 GB (or more)

Video card: Geforce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon R7 265 graphics memory with 2Gb

Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Free space on hard disk: 22 GB

Internet connection speed of 1024 Kbps or higher

core i7
RX 5700 XT
16 GB
nvidia-ico ati-ico

Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Processor (CPU): Intel® Core™ i7-10700K / AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900X (or better)

Memory (RAM): 16 GB (or more)

Video card: GeForce GTX 1080 / Radeon RX 5700 XT with 4Gb memory (or better)

Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Free space on hard disk:: 22 GB

Internet connection Speed: 4096 Kbps or higher


Download the setup file size about 7 GB or a file to download and just run the downloaded file.

We also recommend that you add the Stalker Online folder to the Windows Firewall and Antivirus exclusions list.

Installing via Torrent

1. Download and run torrent file

2. Install the game

3. Start the game

Downloader 25 Mb;

Files about 7 Gb

1. Run the bootloader, the download will start

2. Start the game


In-game purchases can be paid in two ways. The first way: on the site. In the profile, the "Top up account" tab. Enter the required amount in rubles, then the "Pay" button. This amount goes to your account and you can use it in the in-game store. Another way: from the game. In the in-game store, select the required number of products and click "Add to cart". Inside the shopping cart, you will find a complete list of the items you have selected. The buy button means the purchase of this list of products. If the required amount was on the account, then it will be automatically withdrawn. If the money is not enough, then you will be redirected to the site in the profile to purchase the missing amount. When you receive the missing amount to your account, you can continue to purchase the selected goods and they will immediately appear in your warehouse.

"The first and main thing we strive for is to optimize the game on a larger number of player PC configurations. Also, we are actively working on the introduction of a new pumping system. We hope that it will make the gameplay more fun and connect the whole world of the game together. In addition, the Pripyat location will be added to the game, which includes both the ghost town itself and its surroundings."

"At the moment, players have access to: up to 24 different locations (11 main), over 50 variations of small arms with realistic characteristics, a huge number of tasks, events and pvp activities"

To do this, we have a separate service . Please note that the response time from the customer support specialist is up to 48 hours. On weekends and holidays the waiting time increases. If you are unable to access your account on the website, please contact us at: You can leave your feedback about the work of technical support specialists here:


Very soon, in a week, your favorite stalker time - autumn - will come into full force.
The zone is painted in red and yellow tones, and stalkers, exhausted by the summer heat, enjoy the long-awaited coolness, collecting equipment for long hikes.
And to make the preparation for aut ...


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:
- Fixed a bug due to which some users did not start the game client
SO Team


The abnormally hot sun heats up the expanses of the Zone.
The mutants go deeper into the caves, and the stalkers set up cozy hammocks in the shade of the trees. But how long will such a carefree period last, because the Zone is not going to put up with such weather!
First it snowe ...


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:
– "Purgatory" is now a Settlement (local, not political group)
– Purgatory no longer feuds with Task Force Omega
– Special group "Omega" is now at enmity only with PMC "Ravenhood", the Black Market only with the Fo ...


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:
– Now the chelicerae obtained from the Special Spider in the Spider's lair are event-based, and disappear after the event is completed
– Removed some objects in the location "Central Library"
– Changed the location ...


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:
– Now you can improve the "Improving" parameter on the RPG
– Fixed a bug where the damage of the SIG SG 550 was incorrectly taken into account at a distance
– The Forgotten Ice event is once again available for p ...


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:
– Changed the location of some objects on the PvP location "Central Library". Some objects have been removed from the location
– Minor vertical recoil adjustment was made on: AK-107, VSS, AS-Val, M16A4, SR3M
We o ...


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:
– Fixed a bug when it was impossible to send a parcel from another storekeeper
– Fixed empty dialogue with Kolya Sour
– Fixed Peter's safe zone on Novaya Zemlya
– Fixed reward (reputation) in the quest "Time t ...


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's update:
Gameplay:– Frostbite animation will no longer play if a weapon is in hand
– Changed the chance of artifacts appearing in the anomaly "Press" level 2.
Swapped Pillow β and Pillow γ loot chances
  – Pen ...


Summer. How much of this word.
For many stalkers, summer is a long-awaited and well-deserved vacation.
At this time, dangerous raids gradually come to naught, and animals and mutants have completely different concerns.
Summer is an opportunity to put a faithful machine gun agai ...