Global update on Steam and My.Games platforms!


We present you a list of the main changes that will be included in today's global update.


  • EasyAntiCheat has been built into the client in addition to the existing anti-cheat system.

Weapon / Weapon Upgrade / Modifiers:

  • Weapon recoil and behavior system has been completely redesigned.

    Now each weapon has its own unique recoil pattern.
  • The ability of upgrading weapon characteristics has been added:
  • Weapon workbenches of level 2,3,4,5 have been added to the game, which are located at the corresponding locations:

— On a level 2 workbench, you can upgrade level 1,2 weapons

— On a level 3 workbench, you can upgrade level 1,2,3 weapons

— On a level 4 workbench, you can upgrade level 1,2,3,4 weapons

— On a level 5 workbench, you can upgrade level 1,2,3,4,5 weapons

You will need one of the three sets of instruments to upgrade a weapon on a workbench. The skills of the “Foreman” branch and the appropriate repair kits and spare parts, will make the chances of weapon upgrade higher.

  • Gunners now have the weapon upgrade service. Gunners are also divided into levels:

— A level 2 gunner can upgrade level 1,2 weapons with an increased chance

— A level 3 gunner can upgrade level 1,2,3 weapons with an increased chance

— A level 4 gunner can upgrade level 1,2,3,4 weapons with an increased chance

— A level 5 gunner can upgrade level 1,2,3,4,5 weapons with an increased chance

When upgrading weapons at the gunner, you will also need one of the three sets of instruments. Gunners have a higher chance of upgrading the weapon, so they will ask for a certain amount of money for the service.

The following weapon upgrade kits were added:

  • A set of old instruments - slightly increases the chance of upgrading weapons
  • A set of instruments - increases the chance of weapon upgrades
  • A set of improved instruments - significantly increases the chance of weapon upgrades
  • Repair kits can currently be obtained by completing quests, in-game events and can be found in containers at locations.
  • When repairing weapons now, the number of repairs will be taken into account. The current maximum durability depends on the number of repairs.

In order to restore the weapon’s maximum durability and reset the number of repairs made, it is necessary to use a set of spare parts that is used for a specific weapon model.

Maximum durability that was reduced when upgrading a weapon cannot be restored.

  • Repair kits and spare parts can be obtained from containers at locations and by disassembling weapons. Alternative methods will be added in the future.
  • The front sight of the MAC-10 and UZI was modified.
  • The logic of installing weapon modifiers on the Picatinny rail was revised.
  • Weapon un-jamming animation was redesigned.


  • Frostbite system has been redesigned:

— The frostbite protection formula on a character has been brought to the general form of all kinds of protection (previously, frostbite protection was summed up).

— Frostbite protection is now calculated by the total protection of all equipped items, and not individually by each part of the body, as it was before. Body parts without clothes are not counted.

— The maximum number of accumulated frostbite effects that cause death has been increased to 300.

— The number of accumulated effects of frostbite in the complete absence of protection is 31 (0% on all parts of the body) and 3 - with the maximum allowable protection (70% on all parts of the body).

— The frostbite protection parameter for items has been changed.

— The heater artifact is charged by the heat effect from the campfire and protects the character from the cold effect for a while.

  • The ability to mass load magazines and move several items from / to inventory at once has been added. (You need to select several magazines by pressing [Ctrl] or all magazines in a row by pressing [Shift] and move them to the ammo of the required caliber).
  • The logic of undoing actions has been changed. You can now undo the current action by starting another action.
  • Pistol slot can now equip short weapons:

— Hunting nagant

— Frontier nagant

— Sawed-off shotgun TOZ-34

— VZ65 “Scorpion”

— МАС-10


— Spectre M4

— SR3 “Vihr”

  • The ability to have hand-to-hand combat with fists or a knife (Keyboard [V] by default) has been added.
  • The ability to have a tackle has been added. (When running on [Shift]/Mouse Wheel and pressing the [C] button).
  • The position of the in-game camera has been changed.
  • Camera behavior in “near death” state has been changed.
  • A new animation for finishing off a character has been added.
  • Character model movement tracker system has been updated.
  • The maximum character speed has been changed.
  • The ability to hold your breath when shooting ([Shift] key by default) has been added.
  • A large number of notes / documents / photographs / drawings that fill the universe of the game has been added. (It will be further expanded).
  • The protection system for gas masks has been redesigned. Now, for protection in high-risk areas, not only the gas mask is required, but also a disposable filter suitable for it. The filter is consumed when in high-risk areas and anomalies.
  • Chemical protection suits and gas masks now protect against negative effects in high-risk areas until the item is completely broken.
  • A repair kit for repairing chemical protection suits and gas masks has been added.
  • The explosion logic of all grenades has been redesigned.
  • The flight of the projectile logic of underbarrel and RPG shells has been redesigned.
  • Buffs and debuffs applied to the character have been redesigned.
  • New debuffs and ways to deal with them have been added.
  • The ability to transfer clan leadership and automatic transfer of leadership if the head of the clan is absent for a long time or is blocked have been added.
  • The location of anomalies based on the type of terrain has been changed (single fields of low danger, large fields of medium danger, fields of deadly danger with a debuff).
  • Spawn locations for containers and caches across all locations have been redesigned.
  • Herb and mushroom spawn locations across all locations have been redesigned.
  • Thirst is consumed faster while sprinting.
  • Resting by the campfire for a minute without debuffs increases stamina and reduces its consumption for a while.
  • Containers in locations are now inspected with animation (like butchering or searching). After finishing the search of the container, you can pick up all the items by pressing the [F] button.


  • In-game achievements have been added (the achievements tab can be found by bringing up the interface with the [U] key).

Character development system:

  • Character development system has been completely overhauled.
  • All the experience gained by the players (survival, support, combat) will be summed up, old perks and tabs will be removed, and a “skill tree” will appear in their place. Based on the accumulated experience, the player will be given a level and the corresponding number of skill points. The current max level is 150.
  • The development system is divided into six branches with their own unique skills: fighter, stalker, survival, medic, foreman, hunter.
  • Some skills will require the player to complete in-game achievements.
  • The “Fighter” branch is responsible for the speed of loading magazines, holding the breath and the weapon behavior when firing.
  • The “Stalker” branch is responsible for carrying weight, visibility range of objects, stamina, sprint speed and reducing the number of lost items.
  • The “Survival” branch is responsible for resistance to various types of damage and debuffs, reducing hunger and thirst, and cooking in a pot.
  • The “Medic” branch is responsible for the maximum amount of health and the effectiveness of healing yourself and other players, as well as saving / removing buffs.
  • The “Foreman” branch is responsible for the possibility of upgrading / repairing / crafting items.
  • The “Hunter” branch is responsible for extracting parts from animals and mutants, butchering and searching.
  • “Main Character Stats” have been removed:

Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Constitution, Perception, Psi

  • “Character Stats” have been removed:

Critical Damage Chance, Critical Damage Strength

  • Experience for cooking on a fire and in a pot has been added.
  • Experience when earning achievements has been added.
  • Experience for extracting artifacts in anomalies has been increased.
  • Gaining experience in all game mechanics has been brought to a general balance.
  • Gaining experience for using medicines and eating food has been removed.

Item crafting:

  • Item crafting has been redesigned:

Item crafting is divided into 2 types:

— Crafting without a workbench

— Crafting on a workbench

3 types of workbench were added:

— Laboratory table

— Soldering station

— Mechanical workbench

A prerequisite for working on a workbench is a working battery if the workbench does not belong to a clan. If the workbench is owned by a clan and you have good relations with them, you will be able to use their workbench for free, otherwise you will need to pay a fee for crafting each item.

To effectively craft items on a workbench, you can use 2 types of instruments:

— Simple instruments

— Precision instruments

  • A lot of new recipes for electronics, medicines and chemicals have been added.
  • All the old recipes have been redesigned.
  • The information line has been added in the recipe: [Known recipe] and [Unknown recipe].

If the recipe is unknown, the line [Unknown recipe] will be displayed. If the recipe is known, the line [Known recipe] will be displayed.

  • The system of crafting food on the campfire has been reworked:

Campfire cooking is divided into 2 types:

— Food cooked over a fire without a pot has no additional properties.

— Food cooked in a pot has additional properties.

Cooking food on a fire works according to the old principle.

To cook in a pot, you will need the pot and edible ingredients for 3 slots.

The final dish will have properties depending on the used ingredients.


  • Items that will be gradually removed from the game:

(Please note that these items will not disappear immediately after the patch release).

  • It is possible to get these items only if there is a quest:

— Young bear’s head, Bear’s head, Brown bear’s head.

— Transformer

  • The following items will be removed from the game:

Slow fiend paw, Fiend paw, Quick fiend paw, Impaired brutor bone, Brutor bone, Impared brutor muscle, Brutor muscle, Mutant pup head, Dog head, Wild dog head, Smart blyak tongue, Smart blyak claw, Rast rat, Cooked spider legs, Roast dog heads, Roast boar leg, Baked bear head, Cooked verliock leg, Smoked verliock wing, Tools for Rare Stuff Repair

  • The following items will be replaced:

— Paukan leg has been replaced by Paukan brain.

— Magazine for Ingram MAC-10 32 rounds 9x19 .45 ACP has been replaced by Magazine for Ingram MAC-10 32 rounds 9x19.

— Dumpster's recommendations have been replaced by Recommendations of the "Ryabinushka" village

  • The following weapons have been added:

— Sniper Rifle L96A1

— Knife M9 Bayonet

  • The following weapon modifiers have been added:

— Tactical Picatinny handle

— MP5 picatinny mount

— FAMAS picatinny mount

— Clamp for PO 4x34

— Scope 4x34

— SKS silencer adaptor

— Collimator sight for picatinny, Bushnell HOLO Sight Model #50-0021

— M203A1 underbarrel grenade launcher and shots for it (M406 and M397)

  • Weapon care kit has been added
  • Artifact effects have been changed
  • Desert Eagle now uses .50AE ammunition
  • Magazine size on VZ65 Scorpion has been increased from 12 to 20
  • Weapon model H&K MP5K-PDW has been replaced by H&K MP5 A2 and renamed
  • Alice Medium backpack with awning has been added
  • Retired Colonel now sells the silencer from АС, ВСС
  • The weight of packs, zinc and boxes of ammo has been changed
  • Damage by calibers 5.45х39, 5.56х45, 7.62х39, 7.62х51has been revised
  • Ammo names for calibers 5.45х39, 5.56х45, 7.62х39, 7.62х51, 7.62х54R, 9х18, 9х19, 7.62х25 have been changed
  • A new category of items has been added: organs, which can be obtained from mutants and animals, if the player has required skills
  • Items obtained from mutants and animals have been redesigned
  • Items appearing in containers at locations have been redesigned
  • Artifacts appearing in anomalies have been redesigned
  • Items obtained by disassembling other items have been redesigned
  • Due to the emergence of new recipes and the processing of old ones, many new resource items, medicines, chemicals, electronic parts, etc. have been added.
  • Most of the items in the donation shop have been reworked. The catalog will be gradually updated with new interesting positions.


  • Most of the rewards for quests have been revised upwards or changed. Requirements for a lot of quests have also been changed to include new items and the removal of old items from the game (such as fiend paws, for example).
  • The system for storing quests in the Quest Log has been changed. Chapters have been added - subsections tied to large lines of quests. Each Sub-Chapter within this section is a standalone quest with its own reward. Usually, in order to complete a Chapter and get the main reward, you need to complete most of its Sub-Chapters.
  • Quest descriptions now display the rewards that will be received upon completion.
  • Objectives in a lot of quests are now marked on location maps.
  • Quest descriptions (up to three descriptions) can now be pinned to the main screen so as not to open the Quest Log once again to clarify tasks.
  • In the “Clans” section of the Quest Log, you can see all the available daily quests related to a specific group of NPCs (by reputation), with a time limit until you can take the quest again, if the quest has been completed at least once. In the “Acquaintance” section, a specific NPC also displays the daily quests given by them with a timer for taking. In these sections you can also see the current tasks from the NPC or the Clans.
  • "Knowledge" has been added to the game - additional information that is obtained in the course of communication with NPCs, completing quests and exploring the world. Depending on which NPC or NPC Clan the knowledge belongs to, this information will appear in the corresponding NPC's Acquaintances or in the Clan's description. Knowledge is not just information. It may be required for taking on some quests, completing them, or it may be tested by other game mechanics.
  • The functionality of filters in the Quest Log has been expanded. Quests can now be filtered by location of their execution.
  • The main storyline of Liubech's quests has been reworked, players who have completed it before should have access to its simplified playthrough.
  • The Outlands story has been added.
  • The following major quests and lines have been removed from the game: Big Hunt, Wild Hunt, Reward for helping Stalkers (27k Stalkers reputation with the Retired Colonel).
  • A large line of quests for scientists from the Liubech’s Outlands (Schleimovich’s Camp) has been added to the game. All their old quests have been removed from the game.
  • The Gourmet quest line has been completely redesigned. The old Gourmet quests have been removed, the entire new line is available in full for the players who completed these quests before the update.
  • The passage of the quest lines "Trial of the Stalker" and "With a scar and in a leather jacket" was suspended for rework (for the current plot of the game) - they are temporarily frozen, the progress of their passage will be saved after the rework and will be credited in one form or another (the same applies to books with entries about Still, Litovsky, Mr. Big and, of course, Whisper). The quest "Black Hawk Down" is also frozen.
  • Many small quests have been added to different NPC Clans (most of all - in the Liubech’s Outlands).
  • Additional quest lines in the Outlands (in particular, the Omega and Sergeant Burnt line, the Mentor and the Light Path line, the Mokruha line, as well as some Black Forest lines) will be introduced additionally in small content updates. In these small content patches, quests for other Clans and NPCs will be added, for example, Vanya Hell, Mr. Big, etc.
  • Since the quest system has been significantly redesigned, some old quests may not work correctly. Please, write to the Technical support or send a private message to the official VKontakte group about any problems with them. Please, attach screenshots of dialogues and quests in the Quest Log.


  • The Quest Log now contains the Clans section. Here you can see all the NPC Clans that you have contacted and you can get some information about them. Information can expand with the acquisition of Knowledge about the Clan.
  • NPC Clans are now divided into two types: Settlements and Global (political), they are highlighted in the section with special icons. A Settlement Clan is introduced to you when you enter its safe zone. You can get acquainted with Global Clans in the process of completing quests and communicating with its members.
  • Each NPC can be a member of one to three Clans. One of them is usually the settlement in which he lives, and in most cases he will specifically show aggression towards the enemies of this settlement. However, there are exceptions. The NPC's affiliation to a Global Clan can only be found out through specific dialogues and quests (he can hide his political views).
  • You can see the bonuses that a good reputation of a particular Clan gives on the reputation bar by selecting this Clan in the Quest Log. It can be access to a respawn point, trade, additional quests, guides to locations, etc.
  • Now the quests do NOT give negative reputation, with very rare exceptions, so that a new player does not accidentally ruin relations with the NPC. However, upon reaching the “Reputation with an enemy Clan” bonus, each quest that gives reputation to the selected Clan (or other increase in reputation) will also reduce the reputation of the Clan that is listed as an enemy for this Clan.
  • Personal credits of NPCs belonging to the same Settlement will be summed up. They can also be spent on any trader of the Settlement (they are common for the settlement).
  • Each Settlement or Global Clan inherits from one to three old Clans (for example, "Radius Village" inherits reputation from Stalkers, Military and Hunters at the same time, giving the arithmetic average of all three). At the same time, if your character has not completed the key quests of this Settlement (Clan), the result may turn out to be less than the calculated one.
  • Negative reputation values of old Clans are set to zero in the calculation (in fact, negative reputation is reset to zero).


  • Personal credits of the NPC will be summed up into the Personal credits of the Clan that is KEY to that NPC. For Traders, the key is the settlement where they stand. For Clan leaders, the key is their Clan (for example, the Retired Colonel is the leader of the "Radius" Village and his Personal credits will move to Personal credits of the village). For any other NPC in the settlement, another Clan may be the key. For example, Woolf and Leonid Caesar are in Radius Village, but the key for them is NOT the Radius Village, their Personal credits will go to other Clans.
  • Traders’ range of goods and prices have been completely redesigned (to be finalized).
  • Trading with NPCs has been changed (to be finalized).
  • The cost of a lot of items has been changed.
  • Items that increase personal credits when sold to traders have been changed (dialogues temporarily do not match items).


  • A new location: Black Forest has been added.
  • A huge number of visual elements of the locations has been added.

The Liubech’s Outlands:

  • "Chemical burial ground" location has been moved and updated. (Now it is located in square J4-2).
  • The location of the Schleimovich’s Camp in the Liubech’s Outlands has been changed. (The scientists are now located in square I2-4).
  • The location of the science laboratory has been changed. (It is now located in square I1-4).
  • The location of Belaya village has been changed. (It is now located in square B5-3).
  • The location of Imarek’s camp has been changed. (It is located in square G4-3).
  • The location of the Sanatorium "Health" has been changed. (It is now located in square C5-1).
  • The entrance to the Vesuvius location has been moved to the northeast of square I9-4.
  • A message board appeared in Imarek's camp.

New Land:

  • 4 campfire locations at New Land's Southern is. have been added.
  • A place for setting up a fire in Severny-1 village of New Land Northern is. location has been added. Now you can find anomalies and caches there.

NPC’s location:

  • Litovski now lives in the Radio Tower.
  • Mr. Big moved into the Distillery Bar.
  • Grisha Farmer moved to his own bunker near the passage to Vesuvius, together with Hare and Bald.
  • Yashka neighbors with Yura Barabashka.
  • Still now holds the checkpoint at the Dam.
  • Burnt is engaged in radiolocation on the top floor of a nine-story building next to the garages where he stood earlier (but at the moment he is unsociable).
  • Fedya the Prophet temporarily left the Zone to return with the remake of Vesuvius.
  • A number of new NPCs have appeared in the Zone.
  • NPC Clans in the Outlands have moved along with the settlements.


  • The delay of displaying the tooltip has been removed.
  • Weapon tooltip now displays the following parameters:

— Contamination

— Loaded ammo

— Number of repairs

  • The quest log interface has been redesigned.
  • The interface of cooking and crafting items has been changed.
  • The acquaintance window has been changed.
  • The Clan reputation window has been changed.
  • Some maps have been newly rendered.
  • A tab with in-game notes / photos, etc. - "Diary", has been added.
  • It became easier to find your nickname in the rating lists. (The color was changed).
  • When cooking food on a fire, the inventory indicates items suitable for the fire and for cooking. A progress bar has also been added about the state of cooking (how well the item has been cooked).
  • Many quests now have the execution area on the map.
  • The ability to minimize/expand item information.
  • NPC pictures have been added in Acquaintances.
  • Now the place of death of the character is marked on the map with a marker.
  • Now the map shows the names of places after visiting them.
  • Dynamic crosshair instead of dot in the combat state has been added.
  • The inventory now displays the number of slots that corresponds to the number displayed at the bottom of the inventory.
  • “Extra” and filters have been switched places on the board to avoid clipping at the bottom of the text.
  • "Autocomplete" in item crafting is now always the default.
  • Now the number of days until the end of the premium subscription is displayed on hover in the game interface, and not just in the main menu.
  • “Wanted” tab has been moved to “Events”.
  • In the character development system interface, reset of all skills is available. At the moment, you can reset skills for free once a day. This option will last until 15/10/22. In the final version, the reset will be as follows:

— Skill reset is available once every 24 hours.

— The free reset option is available once a month.

— After you’ve used up the free reset, skill reset will cost 10 Credit points.

  • The display of effects in the item information window has been redesigned. Now the effects are displayed correctly and carry more accurate information about the effects that the item has.
  • The description of all game effects has been changed.
  • A large number of small interface changes has been made.

Graphics / Weather / Visual changes:

  • Dynamic shadows have been added to night weather.
  • Wet and snow effects have been added to gear.
  • Road textures have been changed.
  • Anomaly effects have been redesigned.
  • New loading screens have been added.
  • New character customization elements have been added.
  • Added a new camouflage “Partizan”


  • A new event has been added: a trip to the Black Forest through the Usov swamps
  • The playthrough logic and the reward for Paukan’s lair has been changed.
  • The event in the laboratory in the Liubech’s Outlands has been added.
  • Three events in the Black Forest have been added (work in progress).


  • Mutants added: wolf, draug, repey, crows.
  • Dog models have been changed.
  • Dogs and wolves have new animations of actions in a calm state.
  • Familiar mutants/animals now have new kinds that can be found on locations and during events.
  • Hunter spider now has a ranged web attack.
  • Paukan: reduced movement speed, increased health (due to the new logic of the event). Two new attack types have been added (web spit and poison cloud).
  • Jelly slime spit and spider webs now deal bio damage instead of explosion damage.
  • Health of mature verliocks has been reduced.
  • Health and damage dealt to Paukan by Paukan’s Killer have been changed. Now he will deal much more damage to Paukan, but he will also die faster.
  • When butchering mutants/animals, the process of butchering is visually displayed on their bodies.
  • If the body of an animal or mutant lies on the ground for a long time, flies begin to appear around it.
  • Health bar for bosses and mini-bosses has been added.
  • The amount of armor for some types of Forsaken has been changed.
  • The health of some mutants has been changed for the sake of balance.
  • Most spider habitats are cocooned.
  • Animals and mutants try to stay away from anomalies - their paths and spawn points have been adjusted.
  • You can come across special mini-bosses in the Outlands.


  • Mechanics of shot sounds have been reworked.
  • Sounds for firing/reloading weapons have been updated.
  • Sound notifications have been added to chat.
  • Mutant and animal sounds have been reworked.
  • Anomaly sounds have been updated.
  • Interface sounds have been updated.
  • Weather dependent procedural wind has been added.
  • Knife attacks on various surfaces have been voiced.
  • Voiceover of new objects on locations.


  • Changes in bases and fortified points in the Liubech’s Outlands location (owners will remain the same):

Fortified points:

  • Fortied point “Asylum - East” was moved to square F6-2 / G6-1 and renamed to “Zadorozhye”
  • Fortified point “Chemical burial ground - North” was moved to square C6-3 and renamed to “Radio Station”
  • Fortified point “Utes” was moved to J3-3 and renamed “Abandoned Parking Lot”
  • Fortified point the “Flying Stones” was moved to J5-3 and renamed to “Boat Factory”


  • The “Sawmill” base has become a fortified point.
  • The “Chemical burial ground” base has been turned into a fortified point and renamed into “Wastewater Treatment Plant”.
  • “Sanatorium” base has been renamed to “Abandoned Mine”

Please note that the stockmen of the former Sawmill and Chemical Burial Grounds will be removed in the future. Take all the items from the stockmen!

  • Уou can rent workbenches to craft items at the bases.

Base owners and allies can use workbenches for free.

Stalkers and neutral clans will be charged a fee, when using workbenches. The fee is received by the base owners.

Donation bases:

  • 6 donation bases have been added in the Black Forest:

— v. Usov 1

— v. Usov 2

— v. Usov 3

— v. Krasnoye 1

— v. Krasnoye 2

— v. Krasnoye 3

  • Donation bases in the Liubech’s Outlands have been moved in accordance with the moved settlements, while the owners will remain the same.
  • Workbenches for crafting items and a workbench for upgrading weapons have been added to donation bases.


  • The client was switched to x64 bit - now by default the launcher will launch the x64 bit client, which allows you to use more than 4 GB of RAM, which will reduce the number of problems with disappearing textures and models. Support for the 32-bit client will remain for a while, but will soon be discontinued, and it will no longer be possible to play through it.

Bug fixes:

  • Magazine getting occasionally stuck in hand has been fixed.
  • The display of helmets K6-3 and K6-3 (without visor) with an Arafat scarf has been fixed.
  • The bug where it was possible to put on the RD-54 together with another backpack and the K6-3 helmet and gas mask at the same time has been fixed.
  • Numerous bugs with the wrong weight have been fixed.
  • The ability to enter the PvP arena in the "near death" state has been fixed.
  • The bug where shotguns were fully charged when butchering and reloading at the same time has been fixed.
  • Now, when restarting the client, the settings of sights and inventory are saved.
  • Caches and containers spawning in models or underground are moved and raised.
  • A huge number of small text edits has been made.
  • Fixed a problem with completing quests in a group. Now everything counts correctly