Second PVP Season

Second PVP Season

  • The second PVP season starts on November 1 and runs until January 31
  • New arena for Capture the Flag - Garages. At the same time, the "Polar Station" arena remained in the game. The "Garages" and "Polar Station" cards replace each other every hour.
  • Players now receive cash rewards and experience when they rise in rank. The reward is given only for the first rank increase in a season.
  • Now for each match played to the end, players receive experience in the battle branch and a cash reward, as well as additional experience and money for the team's victory, or for the first three places in the "Every man for himself" mode
  • All team arenas are now 5x5
  • Reduced the number of rating points required to obtain ranks.

Officers Club

  • Officer clubs have been added to the game, which can be entered by players who received the ranks of experienced and higher during the current season.
  • The entrances to the club can be found in the village of Gurmana, at the foot of the radio tower on Vesuvius, on the second floor of the administration building in the village of Zimovye, which is on Novaya Zemlya and in the village of Radius.
  • Stalkers who have entered the club will be able not only to find shelter, but also to receive a number of tasks and services from the guests of the club
  • Clubs will start their work with the start of the new pvp season

Game mechanics and items

  • Reduced recoil of COLT М16А2 М16А3 М16А4, M4A1 and AUG A2
  • Slightly increased recoil of AK107
  • Increased the chance of "Radiochip" dropping out of the "Bag with Karl's Work Results"
  • Fixed a bug due to which players with PC status could be in the safe zone
  • Reworked the frostbite effect. Now, if the character is wearing clothes that protect all parts of the body by at least 60%, frostbite does not remove health. In this case, the characteristics of protection against frostbite are lost when the condition of the item decreases.

NPCs and Quests

  • Added a new type of missions designed to be completed in PVP arenas. The simplest of them can be obtained from the guard of the Officers' clubs, reaching the rank of "Amateur". More difficult tasks with valuable rewards will be available in the club itself.
  • The reward for completing the Intervention quest has been increased. In particular, now, for the successful completion of the task, players will receive 5000 Vanya Hell's trade points.
  • Archeology-related items can now be put into storage.
  • The problem was solved, when the quest "Experiments and Consequences" was not updated for old players who started the passage of the new plot of Lyubech through a conversation with the Greek (and not with Sour). If you encounter this problem, talk to the Greek.
  • The problem in the quest "Airplanes are flying" has been solved, when the stalker dies while interacting with the door and loses the opportunity to enter it in the future. Now you can enter.
  • Fixed a conversation with Karl on the mission "Airplanes are flying", when after completing the dialogue in the middle, it was possible to lose the opportunity to take the main mission of the line.
  • The principle of the appearance of stumps in the Lubech park has been changed. Now it should be easier to complete the related tasks.

Environment and locations

  • Fixed a bug due to which owners of AMD graphics cards could lose water
  • Added external changes on Lyubech
  • Reworked imp models


Updated game launcher. The game should now load faster and more stable.