Veles night

Dear stalkers!

In ancient times, long before the appearance of the Zone, our ancestors believed that once a year there comes a night when the boundaries between the worlds become thinner. Dark forces begin to seep into the world of people, bringing troubles with them, and each road begins to lead not at all where you were going ...

Surely there will be at least someone in the Zone who remembers the traditions and knows what the mysterious Dead Apples are for...

Find out what is hidden in the fog and collect apples to prevent the border between the worlds from completely blurring!

Possibly Pop in the Liubech’s Outlands knows something about them.

From 20.10 to 17.11, the Veles Night event starts on all servers of the project!

As part of the event, in all animals and mutants during a search or butchering, with a certain chance, you can find the “Dead Apple” item, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards from Pop, at the “Liubech’s Outlands” location.

Also, in the in-game store you can find nice discounts on many products and one new, interesting item!

We wish you good luck in your search!


SO team