Cool heat!


The abnormally hot sun heats up the expanses of the Zone.
The mutants go deeper into the caves, and the stalkers set up cozy hammocks in the shade of the trees. But how long will such a carefree period last, because the Zone is not going to put up with such weather!

First it snowed. Sunny day! And even in the middle of summer! Where did he come from? The answer was not long in coming. In the middle of a sunny meadow, an unknown anomaly was discovered that captivated everything it touched with ice. There was a distinct glow within the anomaly. But is it an artifact? The stalkers tried to use the MZA to extract the item, but the attempts were unsuccessful...

Find out what caused these mysterious anomalies to appear and collect the pieces of the mysterious artifact!

Perhaps Consultant Pavlov (I3-2) in the Liubech’s Outlands knows something about this.

From 20.07 to 17.08, on all servers of the project, the event «Cool heat» starts!

As part of the event, new anomalies appeared in many locations, from which, using a new device, you can get parts of a mysterious artifact.
They can be exchanged both independently, and you can assemble a solid artifact from them on the laboratory table to receive more valuable rewards from Consultant Pavlov, at the Liubech’s Outlands.

Also, in the in-game store you can find nice discounts on many products!

We wish you good luck in your search!

SO Team