Server update 11.02.21

N-town says goodbye to stalkers until next year!

Stalkers, as you know for a long time, we have been working closely on a new pumping system and the creation of a new location "Black Forest". At the moment, their development is in the final stage. This small update is the last before the release of the new leveling system, which will begin public testing no earlier than June 2021. We'll keep you updated on development progress and update you with new details once a week!

Season 3 of PvP starts on March 1 and runs until May 31. The rewards and rules of the season have not changed this time.

NPC and Quests

Chemist on Vesuvius is now ready to offer a range of goods for exchange;

Made some edits to dialogues and quests at Lesnaya Station

Fixed conversation with an Elderly man on the quest "Find the Killer"

Removed the ability to take the old task "Work for Sour" from Kolya Sour

Game Mechanics and Items

Ghillie mask have been added to the game. The Reddy and the Specialist will help the stalkers get them.

Nagant now reloads faster

Fixed a bug due to which the emblem could not be removed from helmet covers.

The battery charge in the MZA interface is now displayed dynamically (visually reduced when the MZA is discharged). When the MZA is discharged, the discharged battery is displayed on the device screen.

Fixed minimap on the pvp location "Garages".

Environment and locations

Vesuvius radio tower now has a neutral safe zone (was stalker)

Dogs in Lyubech now more often roam along the street. Lenin and less crowd in the yards. In addition, dogs outside the village near the train station now spawn more often.

The Veduns on the outskirts of Lyubech, due to their low level, have lost their "antigrav", and now they wear "Antigrav a" instead. Their elder relatives from the guide remained unchanged.

Plates can now also be found in the loot from the Impenetrable on the Caravan.