PvP Season

PvP season

Especially for those who are tired of fighting in the open world and want to show that he is standing in the arena - welcome to the PvP seasons, the first of which starts today!


07/23/2020 starts the first, "test" season, which will last until 07/29/2020.

Added 3 battle modes to the game, which will take place in the corresponding arena: Every man for himself, Team battle and Capture the flag

While playing in the arena, your items will not lose durability. Only consumables are spent (cartridges, injectors, artifacts, etc.)

By participating in rating battles and performing "productive" actions in them, you can earn rating points. Rating battles only take place in one type of arena at a time. The rest of the arenas are open for free PvP and training. Every three days, the "rating" arena status is transferred to another type of competition.

"Every man for himself"

1 kill - 1 point

“Team vs. Team”:

for a victory: 10 points

1 kill - 1 point

"Capture the flag":

for a victory: 10 points

1 kill - 1 point

for brought flag: 1 flag - 2 points

for returning the flag: 1 flag - 2 points

To join the battle - register on the board in the PVP tab. As soon as the required number of participants is reached, you will receive an invitation. Rating events are marked with a green dot.

Players receive a rank based on the points they score. At the end of the PvP season, the owners of a particular rank receive a reward:

Recruit (0): nothing

Trainee (100 rank points): 30,000 game rubles

Amateur (200): 50,000

Hunter (700): 100000, modification coupon 3pcs

Soldier (1200): 150000, modification coupon 5pcs

Mercenary: (1700) 250,000, modification coupon 8pcs

Experienced (2700): 500000,  modification coupon 10pcs

Specialist (3700): 1,000,000, modification coupon 12pcs

Elite (4700): 2,000,000, modification coupon 15pcs

Zone veteran (6200): 3,000,000, modification coupon 18pcs

Zone hero (7700): 4,000,000, modification coupon 20pcs

Zone legend  (9200): 5,000,000, coupon for modification 25pcs

In subsequent full seasons, which will run for several months, weapons will also be added to the rewards.

Entry to ranked battle for the first 3 ranks is free

Starting with the title “Hunter”, entrance costs 10 rating points and increases depending on the rating. Collect more points than you spent - and you will rise in rank!

If you have not participated in rating battles during the week, 50 rating points will be deducted from you.

NPC and Quests.

  • Added quests for members of the groups that own the fortifications "GOK_Zapad", "Novikovo" and "Khvorostovka", as well as for their allies. As a reward for most of them, you can get Vanya Hell's “trade points”. At the fortifications “GOK-West” and “Khvorostovka”, the players performing these tasks also participate in the general competition. Upon completion, the three most active stalkers will receive an additional reward. After the end of the competition, access to the tasks will be limited for 8 hours (until the start of the next stage).
  • An NPC named "The Harvester" is lost in the Zone. His place was taken by “Chemist”. With the help of Vanya Hell's men, he completely remodeled the former Harvester's lair. We strongly advise you to keep silence about this.
  • The zone hides a lot from the eyes. You can make sure of this by going through a new quest chain. The only thing that is reliably known about it is that it is associated with aircraft.
  • Now all quests in Lyubech and those that require you to visit Lyubech work correctly. If you nevertheless find any error, please contact technical support
  • Fixed the appearance of tree stumps in the quest "Husky DK: Grass Ball" - they appear more often and in greater numbers.
  • The mission "Black Hawk Fall" now starts Sergeant Gorely himself after you are directed to him and complete his assignment.
  • The conditions for completing the "Big Hunt" mission have been significantly changed. Instead of numerous puppies and rats, you will have to hunt for stronger and more rare critters. The rewards (intermediate and final) have been slightly increased. If earlier you killed on assignment, for example, 3 \ 5 puppies, and now you need to kill brutors, then the previously counted number will remain and there will be 3 \ 5 brutors.

Environment and locations

  • Fixed a number of bugs in the Spider Khan Cave
  • Reworked the room in which the battle takes place after defeating the Spider with the Keeper


  • Now the names of players added as friends will be highlighted in green


  • Changed sounds of character steps;
  • Improved positioning of shot sounds;
  • Spider-khan’s Cave has got new sounds;
  • Changed the sounds of footsteps of wild boars


  • Reworked a number of crates, including the case for the M249