Patch fix. 30.03.23


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– The “Anomalous Spring” event has started!

It will last from 30.03 to 25.04 on all project servers.

– Fixed getting rating points for a win and a draw in the "Sabotage" mode. Now the points are calculated correctly.

– Candy Cane effect no longer resets when transitioning between maps.

– The item "Transformer" is marked for deletion, now it can only be sold to a merchant, put in inventory and in a warehouse. The "Transformer" required by the quest has been replaced with a new item.

– The quest "Transformers for Morse" has been replaced with a new one (if you have taken the old version of the quest, it will automatically be replaced with a new one when you enter the game).

– Courier dialogues have been reworked.

– Improved the dialogues of Alex and Grek (some players could have a deadlock with the quest "Interrogator of the commandant's office").

– Fixed a bug in Mark's dialogue where completing his quests to create medicine blocked access to training.

– The main reward for completing the Usov-Marsh event is now issued only after completing all its stages.

– Access to the Usov-Marsh event is no longer tied to the absence of a war with the Blues.

– Temporarily disabled unfinished storylines from the Black Forest, which were mistakenly made available to individual players. Related quests (without rewards) will be automatically removed from the Journal. The plot of the Black Forest will be expanded in one of the next updates.

– A character can get acquainted with the Omega group in any dialogue with Gorely, and with the Blues - in any dialogue with Batya.

– Minor edits have been made to many dialogs that were causing problems.

– English localization has been supplemented, in particular, Sanya Portnoy has been fixed, which completely lacked localization.

– New Year's quests from City N, left on some characters, should now automatically disappear from the Journal when entering the game.


SO team