Patch fix. 27.02.24


We present you a list of changes that are included in today's patch:

- Location City N again closed its doors. You can exchange the remaining candy at the NPC Exchanger, which is located in the location Airport.

- NPC Shill has been removed from all locations.

- Fixed a bug in dialogs, because of which the Captive character did not give some players the task «Hard Interrogation» during the storyline of the Purgatory faction.

- Now, during the «Scouting» quest, the Eye of the Imp required to complete the quest can be obtained from any Imp, as indicated in the quest description.

- All tier 1 factions have had their warring factions removed. This was done to bring the mechanics to a consistent look.

- Fixed a bug where some players were not displaying raspberry bushes on locations.

- Fixed a bug where some characters would not save their revival point on allied and alliance donation bases.

- Fixed a bug where some players had a safe zone saved when leaving it.