Patch fix. 27.12.22


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:



– Fixed NPC spawning during events. Those NPCs that were born before the start of the event do not disappear, the players also need to eliminate them.

Gingerbread Madness:

– Reduced the number of gifts needed to win stalkers.

– Reduced the health of the Gingerbread Man.


– Changed the phases in the event. Mutants have been added to the second phase, and the time has also been increased. The third phase now consists of Mutating Draug only.

– Players will no longer be able to climb houses near the event.

– Fixed a bug where the Mutating Draug would not take blister damage.


– The Winter Cabin group now properly displays the Advanced Services reputation bonus and access to the Dispatcher trade works correctly.

– Father Frost now ignores PK status.

– Safe zones in City N now do not work for players in PvP status (blue color of the nickname).

– Fixed some inactive teleportation points that Father Frost could send when receiving additional gifts (because of which the character did not move anywhere).

– Added markers for completing the phases of the quest “And again the road is covered in ice…” in the “Forgotten Ice” event.


– Increased the drop rate of all parts of the Spooky Doll and the Mask when searching the Sages.


– Fixed a bug where animals and mutants started attacking the player before the end of loading into the world. For example, when leaving the entrance.


SO Team