Patch fix. 23.12.22


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:

Forgotten Ice:

Based on the collected feedback and tests, adjustments have been made:

– Reduced time after successful completion of events from 30 to 5 seconds.

– Now you can’t climb some hills.

– On the island with the all-terrain vehicle, the spawn locations of the mutants have been moved.

– Mutant spawn locations have been added to the abandoned laboratory (the number of mutants has remained the same).


– In the second event, mutants now correctly attack players.

– During the events with mutants, the killed fighters of the “Cliff Private Security Company” do not respawn.

Spider Lair:

– Reduced the number of mutants required to complete the phases in the second and third events.


– Fixed some cases of Cat Red not having proper dialogue.

– "Utes" PSC" is again displayed in the list of Groupings.

– Increased the reward for a number of Cat's quests (e.g. New Year's Break to Spit).


– Fixed a bug when a different location was displayed on the minimap.


– "New Year's Champagne" now removes the effect of "Intoxication".

– The location of the event "The pile is small" has been slightly modified.

Mutants and Anomalies:

– Reduced the health of the bubbles on the back of the Draug and the Mutating Draug.

– Reduced the size of the Mutating Draug model.

– Changed the color of the Draug bubble explosion.

– Elves and Gift Bags now produce more New Year's Eve treats.


SO team