Patch fix. 23.06.23


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:

– Fixed a bug when it was impossible to send a parcel from another storekeeper

– Fixed empty dialogue with Kolya Sour

– Fixed Peter's safe zone on Novaya Zemlya

– Fixed reward (reputation) in the quest "Time to collect stones ..." and several others

– Fixed getting out of the Prison

– The quest “The Sly’s Parcel” has been changed in the update. Everyone who took it BEFORE the update will have to cancel it and take it again.

– Removed the birthplace of Small pig in the Liubech's Outlands

– Krol's quests have been changed: now his quests do not use the hat "Ushanka"

– Stumpy's quest is now issued correctly

– Disabled the quest "Forest Noise" at Grishkovets (because the character is completely updated)

– The event "Forgotten Ice" is temporarily disabled for revision

SO team