Patch fix. 22.12.22


Here is the list of changes that will be included in today's patch fix:

Forgotten Ice:

Based on the collected feedback and tests, adjustments have been made:

– The time for passing events has been reduced.

– In the final stage, the number of white rats has been increased.

– Campfires can no longer be placed on the location.

– The crates have been moved closer to the rover.

– Additional points with mutants have been added on the island with the all-terrain vehicle.


– Fixed a bug with the Trickster, in which his exchanges were displayed incorrectly.

– The Specialist now correctly restores the negative reputation of the Utyos Private Security Company.

– Now Father Frost returns to the Radio Tower, and not to the beginning of the swamps.

– Fixed Cat's dialogue after failing to deliver packages.

– The quest "DK Hucksters: Pass to Shtaket" should now be closed in the dialogue with Gavrik for those who already have access to Shtaket.


– The reticle on the Aimpoint Comp-M1 sight has been improved.


– Fixed display of dropped items in game chat.


SO team