Patch fix. 21.12.22


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:

City N:

Big mess:

– Added several respawn points.

– Boar death animation fixed.

– Increased damage dealt by humans.

– Match time reduced from 15 to 10 minutes.

– The number of received Belochka candies in the normal game (not under the green dot) has been slightly increased.

– The time it takes to connect to a game that has already started has been reduced.

– The effect "Inoculation of Lev Valerianovich" is no longer removed before the start of the competition. Attention! When participating in this mode, other positive and negative effects may be removed from the character, please take this into account when entering the event!

Gingerbread Madness:

– Match time reduced from 30 to 20 minutes.

– The number of boxes needed to win has been reduced from 500 to 320.

– Reduced the health of "Gingerbread".

Snowballs for takeoff:

– Now the positive effects from the "Healer" dish are removed when entering the activity.

Events / Events:


– Fixed the appearance of the “Dog Uterus” at the last stage of the event.

Spider Lair:

– Fixed the number of mutants spawning in the stages of the first event.

Forgotten Ice:

– On the first island, a bug was fixed when mutants appeared behind textures during the event.


– Reduced the total number of mutants that appear in each phase of the event.


– Fixed a sticky dialogue when turning in the Bolotnik food quest.

– A dialog has been added to Lev Valeryanovich in the Lyubech Commandant’s Office, according to which everyone who has lost the effect of the vaccination can get it again.

– All quests from the "Freelancer" line are now story quests and cannot be canceled.

– Trading with the Dispatcher is available with any choice in the "Search for Shepelev's Sister".

– The quest "Planes are flying: details from Carl", can be retaken from Carl after the failure

– Fixed a bug where Carl could not be interacted with.


– The movement of boats on the location “Novaya Zemlya” has been restored.

– The “D.Belaya 3” donation base explorer now correctly allows owners with red and blue nicknames.

– Fixed a bug where players would get blocked while building in City N.


– Mutant Little Hogs and Mutant Hogs produce less fat.


– Fixed incorrect display of "Premium Subscriptions" in the game menu.

– The display of the number of clothing repairs on the bulletin board has been removed.

– Removed tooltip displaying incorrect information about the status of artifacts inside containers on the bulletin board.

– Added display of paint, modified weapons and emblems on item icons on the bulletin board.

– Fixed a bug where, when searching containers and searching/butchering mutans and animals, items were not combined into one cell, but were shown separately.


– Based on feedback and data collected, it has been found that the multi-core resource sharing feature is not stable on some systems. To avoid possible problems and errors in the future, it was decided to temporarily abandon its use and the need for additional tests. Other optimization elements were not affected.


SO team