Patch fix. 20.07.23


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– "Purgatory" is now a Settlement (local, not political group)

– Purgatory no longer feuds with Task Force Omega

– Special group "Omega" is now at enmity only with PMC "Ravenhood", the Black Market only with the Former Administration of ZATO, NPF "Science of the Future" only with ANEB CIS

– Fixed Bolotnik's dialog logic for the quest "Reference Ethanol"

– Completely removed the old quest "Sperling Merchant". Those who still have it open will automatically receive 100,000 XP.

– Fixed re-acceptance of the quest “In Hot Pursuit” after unsuccessful attempts to track down the Suspicious Courier

– Fixed a bug in Doctor Zinoviev’s dialogue that prevented him from continuing the quest “Additional payment for vaccination”

– Fixed a bug in English localization when skills were displayed in Russian

– Now in the mail tab "Sent" you can delete packages

– Now RPG’s “Improving” parameter improves correctly

SO Team