Patch fix. 03.04.23


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– Little pig can now be found in the Black Forest.

– Weapons are now susceptible to jamming in PvP arenas. The frequency of wedges depends on the current contamination and the condition of the weapon. In arenas, weapons do not become dirty and do not lose durability.

– Broken Bell event reward now goes to Gourmet Storekeeper.

– Disabled a few more quests from City N and the Black Forest.

– Fixed some dialogues of Kolya Sour regarding the chapter "The Fate of Sour" for those players who did his quests to find friends before the global patch.

– The quest "Transformers for Morse" is no longer given again to those who started the "Dissonance" quest line before the patch. The reward for the quest "Transformers for Morse" has been increased.

– The Courier correctly completes the quest "A Bad World: Soldier's Star" again

– Fixed Grek's dialogue for rare cases when "Reports from Checkpoints" story quest is not available.


SO team