Patch fix. 30.01.24


We present you a list of changes that are included in today's patch:

- Clans will receive levels according to the number of Clan Points earned during calibration:

From 0 CP to 1000 CP - 1 clan level;
From 1001 CP to 8000 CP - 2 clan level;
From 8001 CP to 40000 CP - 3 clan level;
From 40001 CP to 200000 CP - 4 clan level;
From 200001 CP - 5 clan level.

- All clans have the number of current CPs reset to 0.

- Monthly write-off of CPs at all clan levels is rebalanced:

Level 1 - from 15.000 CPs to 2000 CPs;
Level 2 - from 45.000 CPs to 13.000 CPs;
Level 3 - from 75.000 CPs to 23.000 CPs;
Level 4 - from 165,000 CPs to 50,000 CPs;
Level 5 - from 300.000 CPs to 91.000 CPs.

- Squirrel candy bags have been added to the in-game store.

- The Gift Premium subscription received from the New Year's Gift Bag now grants an additional slot for displaying items on the bulletin board.

- Fixed the description of the Gift Premium Subscription.

- Reduced recoil when firing a stationary machine gun on bases.

- Reduced the flash when firing a stationary machine gun on bases.

- Repeatable Peter's Skins quests now require only passing the main quest "Rusty: NOT Gold Gold Collection".

- Registrar's faction quests are now only available from clan level 2.

- Fixed a bug with the inability to hand over parcels from Fortifications to Spit.

– Fixed the display of the availability of Mitrofan’s quests related to laundering the reputation of the Distillery Bar.

– Characters who, before the update with Vesuvius, did not complete the old line of Vanya Hell’s quests, but handed over the Radio Chip to him (for the “Intervention” quest), will be given the Radio Chip item as compensation, because Such characters are not able to complete the simplified passage of the quest of the same name.