Patch fix. 26.12.23


We present you a list of changes that are included in today's patch-fix:

- Reduced the health of the bear transform in City N from 15000 to 7000.

- Fixed a bug where a player could kill an ally in Team Battle mode with snowballs.

- Removed base guide on Tunguska location.

- Added Vetrichenko's dialog variant, where you can get the quest "Weatherman 2" even after canceling if the quest "Cable Delivery" was completed.

- Added a dialog variant to Mirny, which should fix the error with "phantom" marks on the map from the quest "Artifact Calling", which does not allow you to take this quest again.

- Fixed a bug where a player could get killed in the NO PvP zone of City N after participating in a base capture.

- Fixed a bug where a player could retain the amount of health available in a bear transform after completing it.

- NOTE: all requests to Technical Support related to quests not received as a result of the Journal overflow will be considered on a last-come, first-served basis. Please make sure that the Logbook is full and cancel daily quests that you do not plan to complete in the near future.