Patch fix. 26.06.23


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's patch fix:

– Changed the location of some objects on the PvP location "Central Library". Some objects have been removed from the location

– Minor vertical recoil adjustment was made on: AK-107, VSS, AS-Val, M16A4, SR3M

We observe the behavior of all weapons. Further adjustments to the recoil and its behavior are possible in the future

– Fixed description of STANAG stores

– Fixed some cases of Kolya Sour's empty dialogue window appearing.

If you keep getting an empty dialog box, please contact Technical Support so we can check your character directly

– Adjustments have been made to the spawn algorithm of the Supplier and some other wandering NPCs

We will monitor the situation as soon as they arrive.

– Added the ability to adjust the volume of NPC voices in the audio settings

– Increased the time between most NPCs' phrases

– Added the ability to re-take the quest "Search for Shepelev's sister: A letter for Zina" from Arkasha Amanita after canceling it

– The cooldown for the Black Market package quests in Stonehenge has been increased to 72 hours. You can get them with 3000+ Black Market reputation

– The situation with unbalanced reputation subtraction in political faction quests (Omega, PMC, Purgatory, etc.) is under consideration. After a thorough discussion, a decision will be made on possible changes to the reputation system in the next updates.

– Fixed incorrect display of some NPCs (or their absence) in Familiarity

– Removed non-existent Blue reputation from several quests (Special Favors, Sending a Huckster)


SO team