Patch fix. 25.12.23


We present you a list of changes that are included in today's patch-fix:

- Increased the health of the bear transform in City N from 1000 to 15000.

- Reduced the required number of artifacts "Clot of Lights" to exchange for candy "Squirrel" from 6 to 4.

- The New Year's Nightmare mutant's health has been reduced from 25000 to 20000.

- In the event at the stadium "Torpedo" of City N the number of mutants "New Year's Nightmare" increased to three.

- Bases Fish Farm and Novikovo Bus Station now give 100 OH for losing instead of 30 OH and now give 200 OH for winning the capture instead of 60 OH.

- Fixed an issue where some players could not finish the "Stalker Style" and "Hiking Kit" quests after handing in the required items.

- Fixed taking help from Lev Valerianovich (for some cases).

- Once again revised Shepelev's dialogs for situations with simultaneous taking the quests "Weatherman" and "Weatherman 2".

- Fixed the description of Seni Spaghetti quests.

- City N is now correctly displayed in the Quest Log filters.

- If the "Abnormal Banquet" quest does not start when you enter City N due to an overcrowded Job Log, talk to the Master at the City N train station.

- Increased the number of mutants in the "Old TV" event by 5%.

- Increased the minimum number of players (from 10 to 25), which increases the number of mutants appearing in the event "Old TV".

- Reduced the number of mutants (from 5 to 2) that additionally appear for players who exceed the number of participants in the "Old TV" event.

- Added a huge amount of translated text in English and Chinese.