Patch fix. 23.01.24


We present you a list of changes that are included in today's patch-fix:

- Fixed a bug where Explosive Tiny would not load on the client, and chat would say that you were killed by CreatureName.

- Fixed a bug where in some of Buyan's quests "Fighting for "Marevo"" in the killed mutants did not appear Marevo.

- Fixed a bug where when talking to Professor Chereshnikov, in some cases Vanya Ada's dialogs were triggered, which prevented the completion of Morse-related quests.

- Fixed a bug in the conversation with Carl that prevented some players from getting the simplified version of the Radiochip quest.

- Any line in a conversation with an NPC that can open or close a quest is now completely blocked if you have an overflowing Quest Log. Cancel an unnecessary daily task to continue the conversation.

- Changed Valentine's dialog logic to allow some minor quests to be retaken if canceled.

- Added some previously missing NPC descriptions for Encounters in the Journal.

- Lubech Station is now guarded by its own guards (rather than the Commandant's guards), and the Commandant's guards will shoot when at war with a given group.

- Fixed the display of items required by quests in the English version of the game. Also, the correct mutant types for some quests (e.g. the "Academic Analysis Collection" quest) have been specified in the English version.

- Fixed movement points for the Officer's Club guide on Vesuvius.

- Fixed typos and duplicate dialogs for some Control Bases (mostly on Vesuvius), as well as some of the quests they were issuing incorrectly.

- Fixed (for some cases) re-taking the quest "Replenishing the Arsenal" from the Stygian, after failing the quest.


26.01.24, during the day will be refunded for the purchase of donated bases.

The refund will be made to the balance of your base.

If you purchased a donation base for gold rubles, you will receive a recalculation of the amount in silver.

Also, at the end of the ownership timer of the donate base, it will be moved to the auction, without the possibility of further extension.

SO team