Patch fix. 12.03.24


We present to you a list of changes that were included in today's patch fix:

  • Removed unnecessary New Year's quests (which could not be canceled manually).
  • The quest «A stone is not a stone from a mountain is not a mountain» can be taken again.
  • Fixed a bug where some quests at the bases and fortifications of the Vesuvius location were not issued again.
  • Fixed the door to the Ark bunker, the interaction with which was absent with some combination of quests for the character.
  • Temporarily removed the «Storage» bonus from the «Ark» group (since there is no storage now).
  • The reputation of the Ravenhood PMC has been added to the reward for the quest «Planned Sensor Bypass».
  • A number of other minor changes to dialogues and quests.