Patch fix. 11.07.23


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– Now the chelicerae obtained from the Special Spider in the Spider's lair are event-based, and disappear after the event is completed

– Removed some objects in the location "Central Library"

– Changed the location of the appearance of players without a team at the location "Warehouse of the military camp"

– Some Great Khan attacks now deal less damage to players

– Changed a large number of in-game item icons

– "Infested Plant" now drops from the Black Leshy

– Increased maximum durability for SIG SG 550 and M16A4

– Increased the limit of the possible distance of the map

– Fixed camera sticking when exiting their helicopter

– Fixed incorrect machine gun grip in the Forgotten Ice event

– Fixed locations giving a non-playable advantage in the Obelisk event

– Fixed a bug where the next quest in the Grishkovets anomalous line could not be received due to the Journal being full.

Alerts for Grishkovets quests have been changed.

Grishkovets quests can now be canceled and retaken.

– Chapter 1 of “The Walls of Lubech” can now be correctly completed if the Grishkovets anomalous quest line has been completed before.

– Serguni's quest for meat exchange can now be accepted regardless of the status of the quest “Friends of Liubech”.

– Replaced autoquest from Dmitry Kalchanov in the Black Forest, which required Ozokerite ointment, which cannot be obtained in the game

– Fixed re-acceptance of the “Problem with Verlioks” quest from those who once, as a result of an error, did not receive a continuation - the quest “From Tatarin to Shtaket”.

– The old quest "A couple of Spiders for a snack" was removed from the game with a partial reward (experience)

– Fixed the dialogue of Skvornik (taking the quest “The duty of the watchman of the northern borders”) and Vaclavich (closing the “Liubech acquaintances”)


SO Team