Open beta-test!

Dear friends!

We are very happy to inform you that open beta testing has already started!

And now we will tell you in detail how it will go:

The limit of players simultaneously on the server is 200 people.

What does it mean?
Anyone can join the server as soon as there is free space.
Over time, the limit will increase, so don't worry.
Everyone can test the update!

OBT will take place on a separate server, with a separate launcher.

What does it mean?
In order to get on the server, you will need to download the test launcher and install the client through it, as well as register an account on the official website using the links below.
(If you already have a registered account, you do not need to register a new one.)

The cut of the player base came from the SPB server.
What does it mean?
If you already had a character on the SPB server, then you will appear on the OBT with all the progress made.
If you did not have a character on the SPB server, then you can go to the OBT in the same way, but you will have to start from scratch.
All actions performed by your character during the beta testing will not affect the characters of the main servers in any way.

Timing of OBT.
Estimated testing period is two months.
The term can either increase or decrease, depending on the course of testing.

The version of the game presented at the OBT is not final.
What does it mean?
During the testing process, changes will be made to the gameplay based on the information collected as part of the OBT.

Will there be a test site?
Perhaps it will. But not immediately.

Donate shop:
Please do not make ANY transactions or purchases through the store in the test client. The store does not work on OBT.

How to get to OBT:

  1. Register an account on the official website of the project -
    (If you already have a registered account on the site, you do not need to create a new one.)

2. Download the installation file, run it, install the launcher in a separate folder (NOT in the folder with the existing game client), after installation - run the launcher. —

Upon successful launch of the launcher, next to the project logo, you will see the inscription “Beta test”.

Английская статья про ОБТ, изображение №1

When I launch the OBT launcher, I get a regular launcher and there is no inscription about the beta test, what should I do?
This happens if the launcher of combat servers is open in your tray. You need to right click on it and close it. Then - run the OBT launcher again.

Английская статья про ОБТ, изображение №2

3. Wait for the server to start.

4. Launch the client. Select a test server and log in with your username and password that you specified during registration.

Английская статья про ОБТ, изображение №3

What should I do if I find a bug/environment error/wrong quest?

You need to fill in the error template in detail and send it to private messages of our official Vkontakte group (, attaching a video/screenshot of the error.

Please submit the error according to the template so that we can quickly and competently respond to it.


#Error (please don't change the hashtag)

Topic: (Mistakes in the environment, sound, weapons, quests, interface, mutants/anomalies, etc.)

  1. A short title that conveys the essence of the problem, 4-6 words;
  • Describe the problem and related things;

2. Initial conditions: The state of the game required to start playing the error (coordinates, NPC, item, etc.):

- Initial condition 1

- Initial condition 2

3. Retry steps: What did you do to make the error happen.

- Action step #1

- Action step #2

4. Outcome: The results of the problem that led to;

5. Repeatability: Special or general case? How often does it repeat itself? The presence of special conditions and related things;

6. Links to videos, attached pictures.