Finalizing the calibration of the clans.


Tomorrow, along with the restart of the servers, will end the calibration of clans.

All groups created before 28.11.23 will receive a level in accordance with the number of Clan Points, which the clan has managed to earn during the calibration.

The number of earned CPs for all clans will be reset to zero.
The clans ranking on the board will also be reset.

Level assignment:
From 0 CP to 999 CP - 1 clan level;

From 1000 CP to 7999 CP - 2 clan level;

From 8000 CP to 39999 CP - 3 clan level;

From 40000 CP to 199999 CP - 4 clan level;

From 200000 CP - 5 clan level.

Also today, during the day, characters who have not completed Vanya Hell's old quest line before the Vesuvius location update, but have given him the Radiochip (on the quest "Interference"), will be given the Radiochip item as a compensation, as such characters are not able to simplify the quest of the same name.

SO Team