Update. 23.06.23


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's update:


– Frostbite animation will no longer play if a weapon is in hand

– Changed the chance of artifacts appearing in the anomaly "Press" level 2.

Swapped Pillow β and Pillow γ loot chances


– Penetration Protection skill does not reduce damage from non-bullet effects

– Ginger at the Airport now repairs appliances


– Reduced chance for all weapons to jam from condition

– Reduced chance for all weapons to jam from contamination

– All weapons have reduced screen shaking when shooting in aim mode

– SIG SG 550 damage now persists over a longer distance

– Decreased recoil on Famas G2, Famas F1, M4A1, Steyr AUG, SIG SG 550, Glock 18, Groza-1, Groza-4

– Groza-1, Groza-4, Famas F1, Famas G2 have optimized visual feedback

– For "M16A1", "M16A2", "M16A3", "M16A4", "M4A1", "SIG SG 550", "SIG SG 552", "AUG A2", "FN FNC", "Famas F1", " Famas G2" optimized trackers when shooting from the 3rd person. Now the weapon with a sharp turn is brought almost without delay

– When improving the “Accuracy” parameter of the “L96A1” rifle, the “Durability” parameter is no longer taken away

– Now for the rifle “L96A1”, when improving the parameters “Rejection of the condition” and “Fault tolerance”, the “Fire rate” parameter is not subtracted

– Fixed a bug where weapon recoil depended on the number of frames per second.

Shooting will become more comfortable and stable

– Editing the category for "Tactical Picatinny handle". Now it has the category "Mount"


– M203 underbarrel grenade launcher can now be painted

– Now you can drink water in the gas mask "GP-7VM"

– The effect "Equanimity", which gives the tincture "Chamomile", now protects all parts of the body


– Reworked spawn locations for mutants and animals, anomalies, near the Paukana cave and its environs

– Partial filling of the eastern part of the Black Forest (animals and mutants, anomalies, containers)

Work to fill the Black Forest continues

– There is a new neutral save point in the Black Forest.

East of the forest itself, towards the village of Krasnoe

– In Porto North now has two save points. The new save point in Artyom's house does not work for PC players. It is guarded by the workers of the Port.

Safe zone in sarcophagus fixed - now it does not work on the roof of the sarcophagus

– Some mysterious places in Liubech’s Outlands have become even more mysterious


– In the Forgotten Ice event, on the second island, some places that provide an advantage have been fixed

– In the “5 Obelisks” event, some places that provide an advantage have been fixed

– Now, when killing mutants and animals in in-game events, you cannot clear karma, gain experience or items


– NPCs now have voice acting. At the moment it is introduced in test mode and will be finalized. Please report all bugs to Technical Support


– A full line of quests has been added to the “Bright Path” group in the village of Belaya (Liubech’s Outlands)

– Added new quests for the groups “"Mokruha" gang”, “People of the swamp”, as well as the “Black Market” (Liubech’s Outlands)

– A new line of quests for acquaintance with anomalies has been added to Grishkovets (Liubech’s Outlands).

Quests start from the direction of Kolya Acid

– Disabled the quest line "Acid's fate". In the future, it will be revived as part of a new plot

– The start of the game at the Lesnaya Station now takes place in the hut of Vladimir Ilyich in the village of Zelenogorskoye, and not in an open field at the exit from the Abandoned warehouse

– Zheka London now drives from the Pryanikov parking lot on the North Island to the South Island to Snickers, as well as from the South Island to the Port of the North Island.

The guide can be found on one island, then on another, because he runs back and forth

– Removed “Mr. Big’s gang” group from the game. The Trade Points of this group you earned (and the reputation if it was positive) were divided between the Distillery Bar and the Black Market groups. Mr. Big is now the leader of the Distillery Bar.

Replaced all “Mr. Big’s gang” reputation checks with Black Market reputation (same applies to quest rewards)

– The total number of "Subjobs" that a character can complete is limited to ten per day (all ten can be completed by one NPC, or one by ten NPCs, or in any other proportion).

The number of available "Subjobs" is updated at 04:00 GMT

– Changed the relationship between NPC groups.

The hostility of the "Omega" special unit with "Purgatory" and "Ravenhood" PMC , and the "Black Market" - with the "Former administration" and "Future Science" has been officially recorded

– Now, when reaching the value (bonus) of the reputation "Negative reputation with a group of enemies" with any group, the player automatically gets acquainted with the enemies of this group

– Set the maximum and minimum reputation level to 30,000.

All reputation above the maximum, accumulated BEFORE the update is introduced, will be cut to a value of 30,000 due to its meaninglessness. If the character has a maximum (30,000) reputation with one of the groups, then additional reputation for completing quests will not be awarded. However, if this group has enemies and the minimum reputation with enemies is not reached, the negative reputation will be charged in full. These changes do not affect Trade Points.

– Fixed a bug where the names of hostile NPCs (for example, "Utes" PSC ) were not marked red from afar, but they would start attacking players when they approached

– Fixed a bug where, in some cases, killing mutants did not count towards quests when they were completed in a group of other players

– Added an alternative method for the Doctor Zinoviev “Antidote testing” for players who have learned the skill "Resist Mutant Poison"

– Kolodnoe event reward is now a single item that can be opened to receive a reward

– Kostya Mazay now allows stalkers with a high reputation of "Usov" village to enter the Black Forest

– The save point at the Yaeger’s camp on Tunguska is now neutral

– Challenge boards now display a countdown to the start of the next round

– Increased the time until the disappearance of the corpses of quest mobs and rare mini-bosses (for example, Peat Spider or any of the Horde Leaders)

– Cooldown of all daily quests reduced from 24 to 23 hours

– Reddy at the Airport now repairs gadgets

– Added automatic deletion of excess quest items when entering the game


As part of the work on the location of Vesuvius, we decided that the map needs to be significantly expanded and changed the location of places of interest, due to the increase in the amount of content. At the moment, the size of the location has almost doubled. The old concept of "volcano" has also been completely changed and new places of interest and activity have been conceived.

After evaluating the scale of work, we decided to postpone the release of the update for this location until the fall in order to provide players with high-quality and ready-made content

You can see the scale of work in the screenshot below:

PvP / Factions:

– 9 PvP season will be held from 24.06.23 to 24.08.23

– Added a new PvP location "Central Library" to the "All against all" mode

– PvP location "GOK" was replaced with the location "Central Library". The GOK location may be added to the map rotation at a later date

– Now the player will be automatically kicked out of the donation base if he is no longer a member of the owner group

– Removed the second guard at the Vesuvius donation bases

– The cost of protection at donation bases is now dynamic, and depends on the remaining time of renting the donation base. The fewer days left, the cheaper the security will be.

– Editing the error of the names of the Managers at the bases and fortifications in the Black Forest and the Liubech’s Outlands

Mutants / animals:

– Mutants and animals in in-game events now have a unique postscript: Name + location

– Added a new type of verliok called "Explosive Baby". These are small verlioks who have not yet learned how to attack stalkers with their paws, but are ready to sacrifice themselves to keep the lair safe.

Their lairs are located in eggs, which are under the scrutiny of the "Yellow Verliok"

– Changed the model of the "Yellow Verlioka" to be more similar to the "Explosive Babies"


– Added Chinese localization

– Added English localization for dishes cooked in a pot

– The ability to paste a copied message into the in-game chat has been returned. This can be done once every 30 seconds


– Now any player can become a customer by adding the desired amount to existing orders

– Added search by character name

– Ability to select the player to be tracked in the "Events" menu (You can only track one player from the list at a time)

– Changed the display of the tracked player on the map

– The commission for creating an order has been increased to 10%


– Merged windows of the list of parcels and contents

– When selling an item from the board, the comment to the package now indicates for which item the money was received

– Increased the number of characters that can be written in the comment to the package (100 characters)

– Added convenient sorting of parcels by storekeeper, status and time

– Added a button that allows you to delete all empty parcels

– Visual color separation of parcels by status and availability at the storekeeper

– The creation of a package has been moved to a separate tab

– Tariff selection is also merged with the parcel window

Sale window on bulletin board:

– An additional window has appeared with confirmation of the amount for which you want to list the product. This will help to avoid accidental errors when placing goods on the board.

– Now the price of the item for one unit is immediately written in the window

Donation base manager:

– Grouping bank and base manager windows have been merged

– Buttons "Deposit money" and "Withdraw money" have become clearer

– Removed the display of gold rubles (if there are gold rubles left on the balance of your donation base, please contact Technical Support)

SO Team