New Year's update.


Here is a list of changes that are included in today's New Year's update:

City N:

– The event will last from 20.12.22 to 21.02.23

On Steam and VK.Play platforms - from 22.12.22 to 23.02.23

– New PvP mode of the New Year's event "Big mess."

Try on the looks of the most diverse representatives of the fauna of the Zone and show everyone what you are worth!

You can find this event on the bulletin board in City N.

– Mask is no longer required to be in City N.

– Changed Johnny's exchange.

– Replaced the "Gift Bag" model.

– Increased the number of "Elves" in City N.

– Increased the number of "Gift Bags" in City N.

– The amount of candy you can get in Elves and Gift Bags has been increased.

– When searching the “Elf” and “Gift Bag” with a chance, you can find the “Belochka” candy.

– The lifespan of all candies has been increased from 60 to 90 days.

– Snowballs no longer stun on impact.

– "Christmas Premium Gift Subscription" now works the same as "Premium Subscription for 30 or 90 days".

Now it lasts 10 days and does not disappear over time from the inventory or warehouse.

– In connection with the removal of the “Main characteristics of the character” (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution, Perception, Psi), the effects of all New Year's dishes have been revised.

– The gift received for 1st place in active New Year's PvP events is now issued in all active PvP events.

– The contents of the “Gift” received for 1st place in active New Year PvP events have been changed.

– The minimum number of required participants in the Gingerbread Madness PvP event has been increased from 5 participants to 10.

– Rewards in Squirrels for the New Year PvP event Gingerbread Madness have been changed.

– Gingerbread's exploding candy has increased the amount of shards it explodes when it explodes.

Events / Events:

– At the location of Lyubech (DK), Vicinities of Lyubech (Gourmet), Vesuvius (Radio tower) and Tunguska (Radius), barkers have returned who will send you to City N.

– Added large-scale in-game PvE event "Lost Ice".

You can get into it by talking with Vostrikov, on Novaya Zemlya, Severny Island.

In this event, the stalkers will have to organize a group and go in search of the missing expedition, find out what is really happening in those parts, what is hidden behind it and why not everyone is destined to return from there...

The event is available from level 75.

One of the rewards for the event was Frozen Coins, which will be exchanged for Black Shells in the future.

– The logic of passing and rewards for the Usov-Marsh event has been reworked.

For completing the event, “Tickets to Usov” are now given, which the owner (having level 85) can use to go to Usov (through Mazaya) for free at any time.

– A checkpoint system has been added to the Forgotten Ice and Mustache Marsh events. After successfully completing the stages, players will receive a message about changing the spawn point. When re-entering an event, players will spawn at the last checkpoint. Once every 24 hours, the progress of events is reset.

– On Yuzhny Island of Novaya Zemlya, a mini-event is launched every 6 game hours. The beginning of the event is signaled by a tornado appearing on the mountain.


– Added 2 jackets: "Stitched Hoodie" and "Jacket Ural".

You can get the Stitched Hoodie by trading Belochka Candies with Johnny in City N.

"Jacket Ural" has been added to the in-game store.

– The "L96A1" rifle can now be obtained by successfully completing the "Rite" event in the Black Forest. You need to get the "Charged Sage's Medallion" by taking 1st place and contact the mysterious person in the Military Town.

Cartridges and magazines for the rifle are sold by Huckster in the camp of Shleimovich and Plevka on Novaya Zemlya, Yuzhny Island

In the future, there will be more merchants selling ammo and magazines.

– Added "Flash hider for SIG SG552". Now with the appropriate adapter - "GEMTECH M4-96D", you can install the silencer "GEMTECH M4-96D".

The flash hider will be automatically installed on a new weapon when buying or exchanging a weapon (except for weapons that are already on hand).

Separately, it can be purchased from Vanya Hell for trade points.

– The 18-round SVD magazine will be automatically replaced with 20-round magazines.

– “Old stabilized solution” will be automatically changed to “50 ml stabilized solution”.

– Bulletproof vest "6B3" can now be painted.

– The “Many-Faced Head” for the “Rite” event can now be found with a chance after winning the “Broken Bell” event in the nearby houses of the flooded village of Starotserkovnaya.

– Reworked the location of containers with loot in the suburbs of Lyubech.

– Mushrooms now appear in the Airport location.

– The amount of ammo received in ammo crates has been increased. Also added magazines for different types of weapons and items designed to care for weapons.

– The chance to get food and water in caches has been increased.

– On Novaya Zemlya, Severny Island, now you can find caches.

– Adjusted the weight of many items.

– Fragments of unknown origin, mined in the Tunguska swamps in piles of earth, now drop on death.

Weapons / Weapon Upgrades / Modifiers:

– Changed recoil pattern for Famas F1 and Famas G2.

– "SIG SG550" now loses damage when firing at long distances.

– Decreased recoil on OTs-14-1 Groza-1 and OTs-14-4 Groza-4.

– Decreased recoil on SR3 Whirlwind and SR3M.

– Reduced the brightness of the Bushnell HOLO Sight Model #50-0021 reticle.

– Reduced recoil on the M4A1.


– New PvP mode "Sabotage"

Try your hand at the new PvP mode, in which players will have to play for two sides of the coin: defend or attack. Sabotage a residential area by disabling the control panel, which, according to rumors, is responsible for activating the "jammers" that prevent the appearance of mutants in crowded places, or take a defensive position and prevent an attack!

Visit the "Residential District" location and do what is necessary to achieve a common goal!

This mode will be included in the rating competitions in the next PvP season.

– You can now walk when using Surrender and Barrel on Shoulder gestures.

– Now the fire on the clothes is extinguished when immersed in water up to the waist.

– Fixed an issue with Skin Burn's heal effect causing Skin Burn to not heal in time.

– Edited mutant and animal scare zones on some bases and fortifications in the Black Forest.

– At the bases and fortifications of the Black Forest, the number of interfering models in battle has been reduced.

– A well with clean water has been installed in the village of Usov.

– Removed no man's safe zone north of Ryabinushka on Vesuvius.

– Adjusted scare zones near the Commandant's Office and other safe zones in Lyubech.


– Settlement guards no longer lower their reputation as troublemakers when they witness aggressive behavior. This is a temporary measure. Guard reactions to PvP and PK may return in one form or another in a major PvP update.

– Fixed dialogues regarding "Subworks". Now NPCs say why they don’t give quests, empty phrases do not appear in their dialogues.

– Newly accepted quests are now marked with an exclamation point in the Journal.

– Fixed a bug in the quest “In an hour it’s just land” (and similar ones), in which the conditions were reset when re-entering the game.

– Pop's apple exchange is disabled.

– In the first Gourmet quest in the First Cooking Lessons line, Hearty Mushroom Leg, you now only need to cook one dish instead of three. For those who made 1 or 2 portions for this quest at the time of the release of the update, it may turn out to be broken. We advise you to cancel the sub-chapter “A hearty leg with mushrooms” itself and take it again (you still have to make only one serving).

– In Frol's quest to get the MZA, the number of required parts has been reduced.

– Changed the requirements and rewards in some quests when completing the "Mystery Collector" (for example, the Distillery Master requires a Simple Tool instead of a Weapon Mod Toolbox).

– The manager of the "Officers' Club" sells armor-piercing cartridges at a discount to ranks starting with "Veteran of the Zone".

– Fixed a bug that previously blocked new players from taking the Morse questline. The rewards for his quests have been increased.

– Increased rewards for Kolya Tesla's quests. Added a simplified version of the quest "All your details".

– Sapozhnikov's dialogues have been rebuilt. He also has a new quest available for obtaining the WOP Antitoxin recipe. Fixed the algorithm for Sapozhnikov's appearance at Sunset.

– The pipeline on Tunguska leading to the Tower has been rebuilt - now it will be more difficult to fall from it.

– Mazai's dialogues have been rebuilt - he adequately responds to the value of the player's reputation. The passage of the Mustache-Marsh event is no longer directly related to entering the Black Forest, as a reward for it, tickets are issued for which you can enter the Black Forest for free at any time (having level 85). Instead of money, you can pay for the transition with the “Explorer” artifact (Panych also has it).

– Killing Utyos mercenaries in the Usov-Marsh event no longer removes the reputation of PSC Utyos.

– Fixed behavior of Gena Crocodile and Valdai.

– Fixed Khromtsov's behavior - now he does not walk around the entire territory of the Prison, but stays near the area accountable to him.

– Increased rewards for the Caged Scientist quest line (Camp Aegis).

– Associate Professor Krasnov added a new quest for the extraction of "Vesuvius" (opens after receiving recipes for "Meteor")

– A quest has been added to the game to obtain a recipe for special mutant blood to activate the “Rite” event.

– A quest for obtaining the L96A1 rifle has been added to the game (for the owner of the “Charged Wizard Medallion”, which can be obtained for the “Rite” event).

– Fixed the delivery of the quest "Tash and bread" at Bolotnik.

– Fixed delivery of the quest "Help without thanks".

– Fixed Tatarin’s dialogues for taking the “Reports” quest.

– Station watchman can now repair MZA.

Trade / Trade with NPCs:

Vanya Hell's cost of "Old Tools" has been increased.

– Added “Benelli M4 Lid” and “Benelli M4 2-Round Lid” to Van Adu for trade points.

– An audit of all cartridges in the game at merchants and in exchanges has been made.

– Pusher now buys food and tableware.

– Weapon parts and repair kits can now be sold to gunsmiths and fences.

– The exchange of F-1 grenades with the Retired Colonel has been moved to Corkscrew.

– A new exchange has been added to the retired Colonel.

– The Colonel's trade is now available with the "Advanced Services" bonus of the Radius Village.

– Reduced the number of required bottles for the alcohol exchange in the Sly exchange.

– Increased the amount of trade points received for the Vesuvius artifact from Stepanenko.

– Added “Cowberry Decoction Recipe” to Fly Agaric in exchange. The number of Amanita mushrooms required for exchange for Amanita Tincture Recipe has been changed.

– Trader Vasily Pylnov in "Schleimovich's camp" no longer sells "Recipe for filling the injector with Energetic", instead he sells "Recipe for Vial with Energetic".

– Merchant Stepanenko in "Camp Aegis" sells "Recipe for a test tube with a nerve stimulator."

– Dispatcher now sells “Ryabinovka Tincture Recipe”, the cost of selling “Empty Bottle” for trade points has been reduced.

– Gourmet now buys "Heart of the Wolf" for trade points. The cost of selling "Verlioca Eggs" and "Boar's Heart" for trade points has been increased.

– Veterinarian now sells recipes for blood and poison of various creatures in the Zone.

– Bartender, Veterinarian, Plyushch, Metrofan, Gurman and Pivovarov buy animal parts cheaper.

– The supplier buys more expensive hunting trophies.

– Bartender now buys vegetables and parts of organs with trade points.

– Brewers buy vegetables more expensive, the cost of selling "Mutant Hog Knee" for trade points has been increased. Now he buys part of the organs for trade points.

– Metrofan buys Salo cheaper.

– Ivy buys Mutant Hog's Knee for more.


– The lost Mechanical Workbench and Soldering Station of the Mokrukha faction have been returned.

– Fixed dismantling of medicines - removed unnecessary items not involved in their creation.

– Crafting "Sterile Cloth" and "Pack of Bandages" no longer require a skill.

– Radiation Remover can now be dismantled.

Mutants and Anomalies:

– Edited the location of some Draug spawn points in the Black Forest, Outcasts in Tunguska, Polar Bears in Novaya Zemlya.

– Spiders can now burrow underground and return to the spawn point after some time after losing the pursuit target.

– Some movement paths and types of animals and mutants in the outskirts of Lyubech have been reworked.

– The bear and wild boars from the canyon of the Airport location have been moved to square C5-1, the canyon is filled with the anomalies "Sparkler" and "Catapult".

– Imps (except for the slow one) can now find BS ammo instead of AP.

– The number of Polar Wolves on Novaya Zemlya on Severny Island has been corrected.

– The chance of obtaining “Mutant Hog Knees” when butchering “Mutant Hog” has been increased.

– Reduced the gravity of the Crusher anomalies.

– Changes in the western and southern parts of the Black Forest:

Species, population and ways of movement of mutants and animals have been changed.

Increased the number and changed types of anomalies.

Increased the number of mushrooms and herbs.

Increased the time between spawns of Mutant Hogs.


– Added inventory sounds

– Added sounds for soldering and laboratory workbenches


– Changed bulletin board interface.

– In the near future, the launcher servers will be renamed:




For the convenience of orientation, the servers will temporarily have a double name.

This will be removed in the near future.


– Added achievements for completing the Forgotten Ice event.

In-game store:

– Some items in the in-game store now have the "Guarantors" system.

Items covered by this system are marked in green.

How it works?

In the description of these products, it is indicated that in one of the N-number of openings, you are guaranteed to receive an item or one of the items within the specified group.


– Optimized textures.

– To improve optimization, the passage to the storekeeper in Gourmet Village has been modified.


– Fixed English localization of many items.

– Fixed a bug when, when respawning, the player appeared not at the last faction respawn, but at other locations. For example, at the railway station in Lyubech.