New Year Update

New Year!

N-Town, Gingerbread madness and all New Year's activities are back!

Talk to the barkers who are in the Gourmet village, on the Radio Tower, near the Lubech Palace of Culture or in the Radius village to go to N-Town, where this year New Year's stalker adventures, old friends and new unexpected turns of history await you.

This year, the Gingerbread Madness event has got new opportunities. Now elves can come to the aid of the Gingerbread Monster! To take part in the event, go to the board in N-Town.

And, of course, Johnny's new awards await you this year!

The zone is getting more dangerous.

The further the stalker goes to the Zone, the more inhospitable and dangerous the environment becomes, the mutants are angrier, and the anomalies are more fatal. However, whoever answers the Zone challenge and survives will be rewarded. It is this concept of the Zone that seems to us the most correct, and in order to operate effectively in the depths of the Zone, a stalker needs to acquire advanced skills, improve his equipment and train his personal "skill".

Following this development logic, we have decided to make such remote areas of the Zone as the Caravan and Novaya Zemlya noticeably more dangerous and more demanding in terms of skills and equipment.

In the depths of the Zone there is a vast area called "Caravan", known for rare artifacts and valuable prey from mutants. Having not lost in number, but becoming noticeably stronger and more dangerous, the mutant hogs have now evenly settled in the Caravan and roam it at night, surrounded by their younger relatives. Now they are truly able to challenge the most experienced hunters. However, stalkers who know their weaknesses and are able to pierce their thick skin from their weapons will receive a valuable reward and a large amount of combat experience.

Another attractive place for stalkers in the depths of the Zone: small islands in the north of Novaya Zemlya. It is known that they are valuable for numerous archaeological finds. Recently, there has been an increased anomalous activity, due to which the archaeologist Arkady Rzhavyy is forced to look for desperate daredevils who are ready to face new difficulties and bring him ancient fossils.

The super mutant, known among stalkers as Spider-khan, also became more tenacious, as befits a real "boss" among the creatures of the Zone. Now, to emerge victorious from the fight with him, you need a well-trained and experienced team. Well, or the help of the "Spider Killer".

The result of any activity must be in demand

Whatever the stalker does in the Zone, be it hunting, war, gathering, completing quests or crafting, the result should be new game possibilities. If a stalker is engaged in hunting or gathering, his prey is parts of mutants and objects, and he should be able to exchange this loot for equipment or some services of interest to him.

Following this logic, in the current update, we have not only significantly expanded the range of goods traded for Trade Points by the NPC Supplier, but also significantly increased the range of mutant parts for which he is ready to give these Trade Points. Now hunting for almost any representative of the fauna of the Zone gives access to special goods of the Supplier, if, of course, you bring the loot to him. In order to balance the new opportunities, we have slightly reduced the purchase prices at which the Supplier accepts the loot, and now it is similar to the price of most other traders.

And his goods deserve attention: these are all types of shotguns, attachments for them, scopes and silencers for most weapon models. In addition, for the Hog's Lap, mined at the Caravan, he is ready to offer a profitable exchange for zinc and boxes with the most valuable and rare cartridges.

In line with these changes, Pushkin, the gunsmith from the bar under the Distillery, is now ready to sell players a more serious barrel, namely the M16A1. And the Gourmet buys up many parts of the mutants for Trade Points that were not of interest to him before. Separately, we note that in the new reputation system being developed now, Gourmet Trade Points will be extended to trade offers of all merchants who have settled in the settlement where he prepares his "gourmet" dishes.

Smoothbore weapons

We strive to add value to each weapon type. Of course, the strongest will remain in the game, but it will not be able to cover all the needs of the stalker during survival in the Zone.

In this update, we have give meaning to shotguns:

increased outgoing damage with all types of cartridges (12x70 0000, 12x70 bullet, 12x76 00, 12x76 0000, 12x76 bullet from 30 to 50% depending on the specific cartridge);

adjusted the damage in such a way that the greatest was dealt close (up to 3-5) and decreased in direct proportion to the distance to the target.

penetration has not changed

Bulletin Board

We are closely monitoring the state of the in-game economy. The current commission for trades on the board has ceased to correspond to prices, so we have changed its size.

Now, if the transaction amount is:

  • 0-1 million rubles - the commission will be 5%;
  • 1-50 million rubles - 4%;
  • more than 50 million rubles - 3%.

NPC and Quests.

  • Story quests can now be taken even if the quest list is full.
  • Reworked a number of quests for PvP locations.
  • Reduced the price for which NPCs buy grenades and ammo from players.
  • Ivan Hell’s assortment has been expanded with SIG and AUG magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds.
  • Fixed a bug in which the line of quests "Vaccine: additional payment for vaccination?" could get stuck if you canceled this quest without completing it to the end, but completing a number of secondary quests associated with it.
  • Previously completed secondary quests (for example, "Vaccine: Alpha Males") will now be counted on a second run - just talk to the NPCs you need.
  • For those who canceled, but still want to try to re-pass the quest "Hucksters CH: talk to Shtaket", a new quest has been added, which is counted during the passage. Talk to Sanka Experienced.
  • The quest "Swamp's Chronicle" is completely removed from the game.
  • Fixed a bug with “empty” tasks for PVP arenas and incorrect descriptions. Changed the requirements for a number of quests on the number of deaths, murders, and others.
  • The quest "Invisible Sweater" can now be taken again.
  • Fixed some bugs with the tasks "Experiments and Consequences: Find the Commandant", "Experiments and
  • Consequences: Courier Delivery". If you have previously had problems with them, try talking to the Greek and Kolya Acid.

Environment and locations

  • It has become more difficult to kill boars and hogs on the caravan, while more experience is being awarded for them.
  • Small hogs have appeared on the caravan, there will be much more of them than ordinary mutant hogs.
  • The health of the Spider-khan has been increased, and some changes have been made to his cave.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect indicator of protection against penetration of Brutors, Imps and Winter dogs, in connection with which the incoming damage for these creatures has changed.