New Spider-Khan cave

In the northern part of the Lubech’s Suburbs there are a number of natural caves, which probably became part of the mysterious experiment of scientists from the “Science Laboratory”. Now there, behind a thick metal door, a gigantic spider dwells - the “zero specimen," as scientists call it. A creature that should not have appeared, and whose connection with the events in the Lubech’s Suburbs is still not completely clear. It is difficult to find a more dangerous place in this region and take risks, because only a well-armed and trained group can go down there.

Spider Khan’s Cave was redesigned and now divided into two parts, one of which has remained virtually unchanged, and the second is a dungeon designed for 5 people. Khan himself, now is only inside the dungeon. Moreover, in order to enter the players must be in the squad (at least two). The entrance to the updated cave is on the left, immediately after entering the “classic” cave.

For passing the encounters of the dungeon, the stalkers automatically receive “Black Sleeves”, which they can exchange for various valuable items from the Specialist, which can be found in the Neighborhoods of Lubech (near the White Village), Airport (near the money changer), Radius village and on the Radio Tower.

Note! If you do not pass the dungeon from the beginning (for example, you joined the group already on Paukan), then the sleeve for the third boss is not awarded.

In addition, players always gain experience and valuable loot for completing the dungeon.

Players holding a “Volcano Keeper’s Head” will find that it is now called “Damaged Volcano Keeper’s Head”. You can also give it to Vanya Hell, or fix it at Mitka that on Radius and take it to the Khan’s Cave to become participants in a special event and, if successful, get additional loot.

If you have failed, you can continue through the dungeon, progress (including successful completion) is reset every day at 7:00 Moscow time.

If you join a group that has already passed one or two stages, you will receive a reward only for the stages you completed, while in order to receive a reward for complete completion you still need to go through all the stages. Progress is considered the leader of the group.

If you leave the group - you teleport to the entrance to the dungeon.

At the moment, the dungeon will work in test mode. We will be glad to receive any of your feedback and suggestions on his work!

Game mechanics and Items.

  • LBV’s are added to the game. Belt B (at Yakov on Radiotower) - one additional place for the device, Chi-kom (at Ivan Hell) - two additional places, CTV (Retired Colonel) - 4 places.
  • Note! LBVs are compatible only with a number of body armor:
    • Chi-kom: 6B1, 6B11-3, 6B12, 6B13, 6B2, М1952, PASGT;
    • Belt B: 6B1, 6B2, 6B11-3, 6B12, 6B13, М1952, PASGT;
    • CTV: 6B1, 6B2, М1952, PASGT;
  • PGO-7V sight is completely redesigned and works correctly
  • Fixed an issue due to which the painting was incorrectly applied to the M249 round box
  • Now opponents at the “TV” event appear correctly. If you encounter an incorrect operation of an event - please write to tech support.
  • Fixed an issue due to which guards at the bases could not see enemy players

NPC and Quests.

  • Completely redesigned most of the tasks in Lubech. In particular, the main storylines appeared about the creation of the world and the zone, which will be continued in the future. To start, talk to Kolya Acid, at the train station.
  • Players who did not pass the new “Station” can fill the gap in the story missions by talking with Kolya Acid. He (and also Greek) start a new plot. For “old” players, the plot unfolds in a lightweight form, without the need, for example, to undergo training.
  • Some of the old quests will be replaced automatically.
  • The “Information Gathering” quest will NOT be automatically replaced, but Alex (from the Lyubech Police Department) will give another assignment if you talk to him.
  • Quest “Brothers: a service to a bandit.” was cut back - now it does not have a part about debt collection. In addition, this task can now be canceled. If you have it open and the task does not concern the delivery of the parcel, we advise you to cancel it and (if you wish) take it again.
  • The character Sisyphus left Lubech and now he can be found at the fortification point of Imarek in the Neighborhoods.

Deleted Tasks (they are deleted upon entering the game with a partial reward if they were taken but not completed):

  • Three Bears
  • Four artifacts
  • Save sour
  • Sour: Shtaket Mercenary
  • City Patrol: Central Park
  • City Patrol: Labor Heroes Avenue
  • Brownie
  • What do brownies eat
  • Cigarettes for Mikula
  • Evil Prokhor
  • Courier: Test
  • Courier: Fresh paws
  • Courier: Envelope for Imarek
  • Ask Courier about helicopters (Sour no longer starts the line “The fall of the black hawk”)
  • Scout: Chemical Waste Cemetery
  • Scout: Clash with Werlies
  • Scout: Imarek
  • Work from Sour
  • Reports
  • Shtaket: Ivy cigarette block (and all similar Shtaket tasks)
  • Way to Ryabinushki
  • The fate of Jura Lamb
  • Connected

Replaced tasks (Deleted, but replaced by similar ones. If they are open at the time of the update, instead of them, other tasks MAY be associated automatically, in meaning):

  • Samples for Zinoviev
  • Dog ears in the service of science
  • Professional suitability
  • Toys
  • In Lubech
  • Spider Web Sweater
  • Invisibility Sweater
  • Outsmart fortune
  • Commandant's office: reports from roadblocks
  • Crazy Tea Party
  • Small supplies of spider legs
  • Large supplies of spider legs
  • Suspicious noise
  • Details for the technician (MZA is now obtained outside Lubech, in the village of Gurman)

In the next updates, in addition to introducing new locations, all existing maps (starting from Neighborhoods) will develop the plot started on Lyubec, and tasks will be redone in the same way as done on Lyubec, new full storylines will be introduced.

  • Kolya Baranka no longer calls in Lubech

Environment and locations

  • The passage to the Lubech’s suburb through the basement in the Palace of Culture is now guarded by Shtaket Bandits


  • Now, if there are more items in the inventory than is required for the quest, the player will be shown the full number of available items
  • The “Events” tab has been added to the log window (J button), which displays information about past events and dungeons.


  • In some locations, a radio chanson appeared with the ability to turn it on / off
  • Interface sounds changed
  • Improved the sound of anomaly Psycho


  • Reworked part of cases, including cases FN, SIG, COLT, FAMAS