List of changes in patch 28.02.23


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– City N closes its doors until next year.

– Squirrel candies that you didn't have time to exchange in City N can be exchanged at the NPC Trader in the Airport.

– Start of the 8th PvP season: 04.03.2023 to 04.05.2023

Please note that the season now lasts two months!

– Change in weapon rewards for 1st-10th place this season:

1st place - "Colt M16A4"

2nd place - "AK-109"

3rd place - "SIG 550"

4th place - "VSS"

5th place - "VSS"

6th place - "AS" VAL ""

7th place - "AS" VAL ""

8th place - "Steyr AUG A2"

9th place - "Steyr AUG A2"

10th place - "FN FNC"

– PvP mode "Sabotage" now participates in the rating competition.

– In PvP "Sabotage" mode, an alert about the task of attack or defense has been added at the beginning of the round.

– Fixed a bug in PvP quests for the Capture the Flag arena (the arena type was displayed as Sabotage).

– Fixed a bug in the “Usov-Topi” event, when the fighters of the “Cliff” private security company were respawned during the event with verlioks.

– Mazai now allows characters who are at war with the Mustache Village group to enter the Mustache-Marsh event (however, the passage through Mazai is still closed for such characters to the Black Forest).

– The description of the quest “Arachnids of the Lubech Outskirts” has been corrected; in quests, several quest items no longer drop out where one should drop out.

– Fixed the door to the laboratory (Outlands): now it is not shot through, and the spiders correctly cover it with cobwebs.

– The Swamp Men camp now has a safe zone for PC players, like the Pioneer at the Airport location (also the Pioneer now talks to the PC).

– Fixed the old reward in the Khmyr quest "Delicate work".

– Fixed access to Tunguska through the pilot Mykola Afanasich with sufficient reputation of the “Former ZATO Administration”.

– The dialogues of the Greek and Mark in Lyubech have been recompiled.

– Fixed re-acceptance of the quest “Planes are flying: Details from Karl” after canceling (from Karl).

– Fixed a bug where Tatarin would not give a package to Shtaket in case when "Problem with Verlioks" was performed twice in a row with a short break.

– Fixed appearance of Kuzma inside the stands of the stadium.

– In the settlement "Radius" the hole in the fence is closed, and the mutants can no longer attack the Quartermaster.

– Information dialogs have been added to the guards of the Gourmet Kitchen and Mokrukha.

– Mark's "Olympic Training" quest is now a Chapter. You can try to go through it again a day after the failure, without waiting for the full rollback of the chapter.

– Fixed a bug in the counter of the number of simultaneous “side jobs” taken from NPCs (when the NPC did not want to give a new task even if there were no active side jobs in the Journal)

– Fixed minor errors in the dialogues of such NPCs as: Peter, Sanya Portnoy, Kich, Shperling, Vatslavich, Savva Garadze, etc.

– Weapon modifiers now correctly display the category they belong to. (Some modifiers used to have a "Parts" category.)

– Now the reward for the “Forgotten suitcase” event on Novaya Zemlya, O. Severny, is sent to the NPC Artyom.

– Reduced the flash of flames when firing the OTs Groza 14-4.

– In the quest "And again the road in the ice" instead of "Frozen Coins" are now issued "Black Cartridges".

– The exchange of “Frozen Coins” for “Black Cartridges” has been added to the Specialist.

– In the Forgotten Ice event, the attack range of mutants has been increased.

– Removed duplicate names in the launcher server selection window (EKB, SPB, MSK).

SO Team