Summer sale!


Summer is the favorite stalker season.

The scorching sun makes its adjustments to the usual life of people. Gourmet begins to prepare his famous okroshka on Verlioka, and in the bars of Liubech there are more and more cold drinks.

Experienced stalkers begin to prepare for the fall season. They lighten their equipment, tidy up their weapons and patch holes in their armor, to the melodious sounds of radios and the crackle of a dying fire.

And to make the preparation even more productive, we are pleased to announce the start of the biggest sale of this summer, in which every stalker can find what he likes.

From June 13th to June 16th inclusive in our in-game store you will be able to find nice discounts on a wide range of goods.

We recommend you to prepare seriously, because a stalker never knows what other surprises and dangers the Zone has in store for him...

Follow the news of the project, summer promises to be especially hot!

SO team