Changes to the global update 15.09.22


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– Fixed a bug where weapons could be repaired with toolkits

– PvP arena respawn time reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds

This is due to the fact that during battles in the PvP arena, players could not apply negative effects when finishing off

– Fixed a bug in group quests when killing mutants was not counted to the player if he took the quest before joining the group

– Added additional tasks (part-time work) to such NPCs in the outskirts of Lyubech as: Pusher, Sisyphus, Sergeant Gorely, Amanita and Gleb Maslov, as well as Bath in the Distillery Bar on Vesuvius

– Added additional tasks (side job) to such NPCs in the Black Forest as: Kolchanov, Starodubov, Radik Somnov, Mitrich, Stepan Dedko, Valdai, Stepan "Faza" Gromyko

– Litan Selektevich (in Zimov'i on Novaya Zemlya) and Associate Professor Krasnov (Aegis Camp, Vesuvius) can now study one of the parts of the Meteor artifact and give its assembly schemes as a reward

– The duration of the “Kaput to Slugs” contest (the number of tasks to complete) has been increased by 4 times (because the number of quests counting was increased earlier, which greatly accelerated its completion)

- Vanya Hell's quest chapter "Undeniable Guilt" was removed from the game as untimely - his quests are now completed according to the old logic (each separately)

- Ears of dogs from Pop's quest are now harvested correctly

- Characters of level 75 and above can now fly through the Pilot at the Airport not only to Tunguska, but also to Novaya Zemlya, and the pilot also transfers to Novaya Zemlya those who BEFORE the update completed the line of quests in search of Shepelev's sister

- The quest "The Collector of Mysteries" is again available for taking. Some related quests have been changed

– Reworked descriptions in Dirty Yuri quests

– Fixed re-acceptance of Peter's quest for the bear skin exchange

– Removed extra negative reputation from the quest “Kill Traitors” reward

– Fixed taking the quest “Holy Water” (Father Nicodemus) after canceling it

– The “Negative reputation with enemies” bonus in the Mokruha group has been shifted from 7500 to 3000 reputation

– In the in-game store there are pleasant discounts on many products