New Year Update hotfixes

Fixed a number of errors leading to an unplanned stop of the game client.

Spit now sells an M249 machine gun and a 100-round box for trade points, and also buys warm clothes, tinctures and warmer artifacts

Increased number of personal credits required to purchase RPGs

Changed the number of trade points earned for selling shotguns to Ivan Hell

  • SPAS-12 - 3000
  • USAS-12 - 5500
  • Benelli - 8000

Increased number of personal credits for buying tinctures from Timokha the Hermit

Timokha now buys herbs and mushrooms for personal credits

The purchase price (in rubles) of AK 109 and AK 107 from the Retired Colonel has been increased.

Increased the cost of purchasing OZK, L1 and gas masks from Stepanenko.