International Women's Day!

Lovely, beautiful ladies!

The project team congratulates you on a wonderful holiday - International Women's Day!!

You are the heart and soul of our world. Thanks to your sensitivity, tenderness, smiles and warmth all hardships seem only temporary, and it is you who are our support in the most difficult moment.

Be always happy and loved, and everything else will be added.

And, of course, we wish that all dreams, even the most reverent ones, always come true!

In honor of the holiday, from March 8 to March 11 inclusive, in our in-game store you will find discounts on many products.

And where can you go without a holiday promo code?


You can activate it in the main menu of the game by selecting "Enter Promo Code".

After using it, nice holiday bonuses will be added to your warehouse, which will definitely make your stay in the Zone easier!

Please note: all items are personal and will be assigned to the character you picked them up! They cannot be transferred or sold.

You can pick up items by going to any storekeeper inside the game and selecting "Warehouse".

The promo code can be activated until 11.03.24 00:01 (MSC).

Happy Holidays!

SO team