Changes to the global update 29.09.22


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– Changed the logic of the appearance of the Red Verliok along the path on the swamps of Vesuvius

– The principles of access to the Black Forest through Mazai’s Bone have been changed: you can go through the Usov-Marsh event with level 85 or Mokrukha reputation, access for money is available immediately (without going through the event) with the proper Blue or Black Market reputation »

– Mitrich (boatman) spawn point in the Black Forest now has a neutral status (previously belonged to Mustache Village). Usov's resistance abandoned nearby positions

– All doctors now correctly treat all types of poisoning

- The passage to O. Yuzhny on Novaya Zemlya is now guarded by mercenaries from the Spitting Office. The transition to the island has become paid (20,000) for those with little reputation - ask Gesha Cryogen. The safe zone and security are tolerant of PC players from the North Island side, but PC players will not be allowed into the South Island, and from the other side of the bridge they will attack. Snickers Safe Zone now works on PC status

– Fixed the closing of the quest “Outsmart Fortune” when the chapter “Hucklers of the DK: Pass to Shtaket” is completed

– Fixed reputation in the quest reward “I went looking and got lost” and “Mail: Distillery Master”

– Fixed re-acceptance of the quest “Introduction to crime”

– The officer guide in the Outskirts now leads not to Selpo, but to Borov (now you need to get the code from Borov)

– Johan The Mole now sends to the correct location in the Airport

– The reward for Zhivoderov’s quests has been changed (boars are now given less, and more for blyaks)

- Quest "Spiders at the Gates" is now a group quest, you need to kill fewer spiders

– Monetary rewards for the quests “Scheduled check of sensors” and “Search for a strange stalker” have been reduced, experience has been increased. "Search for a strange stalker" can no longer be handed over by radio (you need to personally), you can only take it again

– Fixed a number of descriptions and texts


SO Team