Changes to the global update 20.10.22


Here is the list of changes that will be included in today's patch:

– Reset skills on EU-1 and US-1 servers:

Available 1 time per 24 hours

You can reset skills for free once every 30 days

After using the free reset, the cost of resetting skills will be 10 "Modification Tickets"

– Changed the negative effect of Toxic Fumes in Spider Cave from mutant venom poisoning to chemical poisoning. Now the gas mask filter will fully protect against this negative effect.

– The reward for completing the event "Expedition to the lair of the Spider" has been reworked. Now it is given to each player as a container with visible content

– Level required to enter Spider Lair (not by quests) lowered to 40

– Slightly easier passage of the event "Expedition to the lair of the Spider"

– Fixed display of complete attachments (sights, silencers, magazines) of weapons when purchased from a merchant

– The number of mutants in the last phase of the Moskvich event has been reduced, the event should now work correctly

– Merchant (base) no longer sells dry rations

– Fixed dialogue with Mirny on the radio (now an empty window should not appear during the dialogue)

– Vasyan Usina in the Officers' Club of the Lubech Outskirts now correctly guides scientists to the camp

– Fixed repeated taking of “The Theory of the Origin of Life” when completing Skvornik’s quests

– Fixed access to trade from the Dispatcher

– Fixed taking the line of quests to search for a sister from Shepelev

– Fixed re-taking "Notes on Spiders" from Tatarin

– Fixed repeated taking of the quests “Correct slime” and “Report to the warrior”

– Recorders in the “Airplanes Are Flying” quest line can now be handed in Morse separately

– Fixed dialogues of Kolya Sour after canceling the chapter "The Fate of Sour"

– Arkasha Amanita now requires 1 Pale Toadstool (instead of 20) for information about a crashed plane

– Sisyphus now accepts Antigrav rather than Screens (daily quest)

– Fixed (increased) quest rewards from Bulletin Board requiring artifacts

- With the group "Adm. ZATO" is now easier to get to know

- Available quests are now displayed correctly in the Groupings window

– Many minor corrections to descriptions and other hard-to-describe logical errors in dialogs


SO team