Changes to the global update 16.09.22


Here is the list of changes that are included in today's patch:

– STEAM: Free 24 Skill Resets now refresh every day instead of every 30 days

– Fixed a bug where UI elements did not save their position on the screen after restarting the client

- Killing the Spider from the "Big Little Hunt" quest should now count towards successful completion of the "Expedition to the Spider's Lair" quest

– Fixed closing of the task “Scheme of an artifact from Selektevich” by Litan Selektevich

- The Stalker now additionally indicates that the achievement "Sharpshooter" is required to participate in the competition

- The quest "Ingredients for the Balm" now has a cooldown per hour

- Fixed Greek dialogue after completing "Chapter 1"

- Ammunition for the quest "Lead Price" can now be rented separately


SO Team