Changes to the global update 1.09.22


Here's a list of the changes included in today's patch:

- The chance to get the "Slime of Draug" has been increased by 10%.

- From Yellow Werlioke you can now get the "Paw of Panzer Werlioke" and "Paw of Werlioke" was removed.

- You can now get "Human Eye" and "Human Ear" from Brutors, Devils, Outcasts (for offerings in the event "Rite" in the Black Forest)

- Durability of "Airborne Cauldron" increased to 60 cooks (was 40)

- Durability of "Hiking Kettle" increased to 180 cooking actions (was 100)

- "Weapon Care Kit", "Heart of the Black Draughtsman", "Human Heart", "Charged Medallion" now do not fall out at death

- Chance of "Rock Salt" appearing on the Chemical Graveyard has been increased by 5%.

- Changed Chance of item creation:

Bandage Pack recipe from 80% to 100%

Recipe for Hunter's Bandage from 80% to 90%.

Herbal Bandage Recipe from 70% to 90%

Antiseptic Bandage Recipe from 70% to 80%

IPP-1" recipe from 60% to 80%

Recipe for "Ayr", "Kokushnik", "Chamomile", "Herbal", "Flywort", "Lingonberry" tincture from 30% to 80%

Recipe for "Pizhma", "Riabinovka", "Chertovka" tincture from 30% to 70%

Recipe for "Decoction of pine cones" from 60% to 90%

Recipe for "Cranberry decoction" from 70% to 90%

Recipe for Car First Aid Kit from 90% to 100%

Recipe for Medical First Aid Kit from 85% to 90%.

Recipe for Electrolyte from 70% to 90%

Prescription for "Lead Plate" from 50% to 70%

"Battery Charging" from 50% to 90%

Recipe for "AI-2" from 40% to 70%

Recipe for "Antidote from mutant poisoning" from 40% to 80%

Refill Antidote "Heparin" from 30% to 70%

Unitol" antidote refill from 40% to 60%

Pentacin antidote refill from 40% to 50%

Chromospan antidote refill from 40% to 70%.

Injector with purified "Chertovka", "Riabinovka", "Brusnikovka" from 25% to 70%.

Recipe for "Concentrated Spider Venom" from 15% to 20%

Recipe for Concentrated Jelly Poison from 15% to 20%.

Chives Poison Recipe from 10% to 20%

Recipe for Draug's Slime from 15% to 20%

Recipe for Grind from 30% to 80%

Recipe for Copper Sulfate from 35% to 40%

Recipe for "Stimulant (Full/Half)" from 40% to 50%

Recipe for "Large and Small Unstable Solution" from 15% to 35%

Recipe for "Degassing Liquid" from 25% to 35%

Recipe for "Acetone Diperoxide" from 20% to 30%.

Recipe for Medic, Stalker, Scientist, Combat Medic set from 20% to 70%

Recipe for Energizer vial from 25% to 40%

Injector charge with Energizer from 25% to 40%

Recipe for Manganese Solution from 80% to 90%

Recipe for "Sterile cloth" from 80% to 100%

Recipe for "Nerve Stimulator Tube" from 25% to 40%

"Nerve Stimulator Injector Filling" from 25% to 40%

Diagram of "Circuit Board" from 15% to 30%

Drawing of "Microcircuit" from 25% to 35%

Small Container" drawing from 20% to 45%

Drawing "Big Container" from 10% to 45%

Drawing of "MZA (Prototype)" assembly from 20% to 45%

The drawing of assemblage "MZA" from 10% to 45%

Recipe for "Homemade Draughts" from 100% to 70%

Recipe for "Homemade fragmentation grenade" from 100% to 70%

Recipe for "Homemade Smoke Grenade" from 100% to 70%

- Gauss fire now works correctly

- Stench zones have been placed on the marshes of Vesuvius, which impose shortness of breath

- Fixed a bug in the exchange "Sterile cloth" at the Merchant (Base) (issued 1 "Sterile cloth" instead of 5)

- Changed the effects of cooked food in the cauldron:

"Radiation Sickness Resistance:

1-2 units: cure radiation sickness by 1 unit per 5 seconds

3-5: Cure 4 units of radiation sickness for 5 seconds

6-8: Radiation sickness treatment for 8 units in 5 seconds

"Increase Transferable Weight:

1-2 units: Weight bearing increased by 4 units

3-5 units: 18 more units gain in portable weight

6-8 units: Weight bearing increases by 32 units

"Stamina Replenishment:

Fully restores 30-240 stamina units (instead of 25 stamina units)

"Health Replenishment:

Fully restores health by 30-240 units (instead of 25 health units)

"Maximum Health Increase:

1-2 units: Increases health by 6

3-5: Health increases by 27 more health units

6-8: Health increases by 48

"Maximum Stamina Increase":

1-2 units: stamina increases by 6 units

3-5 units: 27 more stamina

6-8: 48 more stamina

"Health Regeneration":

1-2 units: health regeneration increases by 0.5 units

3-5: Health regeneration increases by 2.25 units

6-8: Health regeneration increases by 4

"Stamina Consumption":

1-2 units: 10% less stamina to spend

3-5 units: 20% less stamina (instead of 15%)

6-8: 30% less stamina (instead of 20%)


1-2 units: cure intoxication by 1 unit per 10 seconds

3-5 units: Cure intoxication by 4 units per 10 seconds

6-8 units: intoxication treatment at 8 units per 10 seconds

"Food Poisoning Resistance":

1-2 units: treat intoxication by 1 unit per 10 seconds

3-5 units: Cure poisoning with 4 units per 10 seconds

6-8: Cure 8 units per 10 seconds

"Bite Poison Resistance":

1-2 units: Cure poisoning by 1 unit per 10 seconds

3-5: Cure 4 units per 10 seconds for poisoning

6-8: Cure 8 units per 10 seconds

- Increased time interval between appearances from Draug

- Decreased the distance the Wizards spot a player

- Decreased the distance the Wizards chase the player

- Fixed group mutant kill quests. Mutant kills now count regardless of being in a group or the number of people in the group

- Some quests to kill mutants from Vanya Hell, Corkscrew, Sperling ("Spiders at the gate") and others have been added group passing. Now, if the quest is taken from several members of the group, the kill committed by any of them will be counted for all

- Fixed the retaking of the quest "Dersu's note" by Salnikov.

- The quest to find Grandfather Makar (from Lesich) can now be closed

- Changed the logic of taking the Courier letters, the letter to Sergeant Gorelomu can now be given to the addressee

- Changed the quest "Mysterious Murder", experience in the reward increased

- Changed the logic of taking quests Bati. Items on the quest "Help the Good People" are now handed over separately, changed the type of required ammo

- Changed the logic of getting from the "Beaver's cave" to the mercenaries' warehouse and back

- The old quest "Cure for Temon" (to be replaced later) can now be passed through the Vet

- Mutants are now afraid to go near Gauss's camp in Tunguska

- Fixed re-taking the quest "Parts for the swallow"

- Negative and positive "Twins" on the trail to the "Guide" were slightly divorced, the radii of anomalies were revised

- Edits problematic dialogues on the quests "Warning, search!", "Secret passage to the swamp", as well as in NPCs Vanya Inferno, Salnikov, Peter, and others.

- Removed mentions and display of many of the old disabled quests (primarily the village of White)

- Added to the dialogues a mention of how to summon the Three-horned

- In the Black Forest, added a function for the character Sussle (from the Military Town) as a storekeeper. His storehouse is solely for rewards for passing events in the Black Forest


Team SO.