Changes to the global update 08.09.22


Presenting you a list of changes that were included in today's patch:

- Changed the logic of the head of the "Bariga DK: Pass to Shtaket". Now the head does not count quests, and access to Shtaketu his guard Gavrik. Access can be obtained by completing orders Sank Byvaly, Mitrofan and Hatter (as before) and report it to Gavrik, or get a bonus group Baryga DK "extra tasks" and report it to Gavrik.

- Failed Chapter "Liubechsky dossier" now restores at Alex without rolling back in 12 hours.

- Corrected the coordinates for the "Fauna Care" quest

- Fixed re-taking quests from Fyodor Salnikov, Gurman, Hatter, Kolya Kisly and Sank Byvaly (for some rare cases)

- Pilot Airport now allows those who have been in the process of passing the "In Search of Dersu" before the update to go to Tunguska

- Shepelev now does not give quests to find his sister BEFORE the "Access to Tunguska" bonus

- Professor Shleimovich can now pass a disabled quest "Find something I do not know what" if it was completed before the disconnection (the only thing left to pass)

- Peter's quests to exchange skins now works like all other multiple-use tasks with rollback and are displayed in the Log

- Artifacts on the "Return of the Prodigal Brother" quest can now be turned in separately

- Pop's old quests have been disabled, but his quest for the "Hunting Season" quest has been returned

- The riddle at the flyswatter's (White Village) works again

- Veterinarian speaks on the quest "Medicine for Temon" (for those who began taking it before the update - newcomers to the quest is not available)

- Edited surrendering chitin to Tatarin on the quest "Problems with verliocs"

- Changed (updated) awards for delivering mail from the Courier

- Added new descriptions for buying things from Montier and Sport

- Quest "Business Connections" now passed to Professor Chereshnikov in parts

- All quests for tailoring at the Tailor Sledge can now be done in parts

- Changed artifacts required on Bald quests. Changed award

- Fixed an error with getting into the danger zone near the science lab storage

- Fixed the places of appearance Kuzma, now he should not appear in inaccessible places


Team SO.