Anomalous spring

Dear stalkers!

Rumor has it that with the advent of spring, unusual flowers began to appear throughout the Zone. It would be nice to collect them for study, but that's bad luck - animals and mutants have gone crazy, and get to them earlier, at least take them out of their mouths!

And they also say that the stalkers began to notice either a dog or a small boar. He's too fearful, you can't even see him.

Find out what this bloodthirsty monster is and collect these mysterious flowers!

Perhaps Morozov in the outskirts of Lyubech will be interested in them.

From 31.03 to 21.04, the “Anomalous Spring” event starts on all the main servers of the project.

As part of the event, in all animals and mutants during a search or butchering, with a certain chance, you can find the item “Anomalous Snowdrop”, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards from Morozov, at the location “Lubech Outskirts”.

We wish you good luck in your search!


SO team.