Rules and criteria for cooperation:
- You observe the rules of the game "Stalker Online" / “Stay Out” (;

- You prevent the violation of the rules of the game "Stalker Online" / “Stay Out”: in particular, the sale of in-game currency and the use of third-party software and their promotion;

- You have at least 1000 active subscribers in the group / on YouTube/Twitch/Trovo/Etc. channel;

- You actively interact with the community and control it (competitions, communication, etc.);

- You have original content (articles, videos, guides, reviews, etc.);

- You constantly fill the group / channel / blog;

How it works:

You have a blog or community dedicated to the game "Stalker Online" / “Stay Out”;

In order to receive support in the competition, it is necessary to notify the project administration in advance of the intention to hold a competition with a description of the mechanic, the objectives and the desired result from the competition

The mechanics of voting for the winner of the competition must be open and honest;

Support for the competition is not more than 1 time in 3 months;

Each member of the support program has the right to quota "access to exclusive content". All requests for support and quota are considered on an individual basis;

After the end of the competition, we will send prizes to the winners;

Announcing the start of the competition, it should be noted that it is carried out jointly with the administration of the project;

For example:

- You have a VK community with 2000 active users;

- You moderate your community, according to this Program;

- You post daily news, reviews, articles. In short - the content on the game;

- You have decided to arrange a competition (for example, a creative one). Invented its mechanics, rules and conditions;

- You can send us an e-mail( or direct message to the official VKontakte group ( Manager ( about your intention to conduct the contest with a detailed description of the contest and request the prizes you need;

- We are reviewing your request for a contest, and if all terms are agreed upon, we will provide appropriate awards to the winners;

Pay attention!

The existing rules can be changed by the administration of the project "Stalker Online" / “Stay Out”.

In case of violation of the rules by the representative of the community, the administration of the project "Stalker Online" has the right to terminate cooperation until the causes are eliminated.

In the case of direct insults of the “Stalker Online” / “Stay Out” project administration, as well as inciting hatred against the project administration and other players and their associations, we reserve the right to use clauses 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.11 and 6.2 of our license agreement, as well as the site that hosts the blog or community (such as clause 6.3.4 of the Vkontakte user agreement and the Rules for insulting and intimidating YouTube)

The administration reserves the right to refuse to participate in the program without explanation.