on the realms of the former USSR, recreated in the gaming world. Inimitable coloring post-Soviet space of the late 90-s, architecture and life of cities and villages, trains, cars and household appliances of that era, traces of the socialist past.

Exclusion zones

which will make you feel like a real stalker, who has penetrated forbidden areas for cordons military, where each counter can be both an enemy and a friend, you need to keep arms at the ready, where there is a constant confrontation between groups of stalker players, and the surrounding world full of mysterious beauty, dangers and mysteries.

the game world

where every corner awaits the researcher, any find can bring knowledge or profit, and who lost his vigilance - sudden death. Looking around abandoned factories, deserted houses and apartments, abandoned military bases, making their way through forests and swamps, penetrating into caves and hidden underground communications, you will inevitably come across mysterious anomalies and artifacts, animals and mutants, hiding places and unexpected turns of the plot.

his "Way"

A completely open world, free trade and exchange with other players. Gain experience and develop skills according to personal preferences, choose weapons, equipment and occupations, Form a reputation with the game factions and win back the chosen role. Be alone or fight in the group.

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